Rotnei Clarke made me look really stupid over the weekend

Posted: November 16, 2009 by Jared Field in College, Tri-Valley Conference

Rotnei Clarke

In the Flint Journal’s Hotbed Hoops blog, I recently wrote the following about Frankenmuth’s Brad Redford (Xavier) after he was named the second-best shooter in the nation.

Of course, I’m biased toward Redford and so there’s probably never been a better shooter in the history of mankind.

From Hotbed Hoops:

OK, let me get this out the way, post-haste: There’s no way Brad Redford plays second fiddle to anyone in the art of shooting.

With all due respect to Arkansas’ Rotnei Clarke, Brad’s the Bret “Hitman” Hart of shooting: The best there is, the best there was and the best there’s ever going to be.

Recently, Redford was listed on Fox Sports as the second-best shooter in the nation behind Clarke.

I have a feeling that Clarke, as good as he is, wasn’t in the center ring of a big top shooting circus like Redford was in high school.

So, what does Rotnei Clarke do? He knocks down 13 3-pointers in a win over Alcorn State.

Second-best sounds about right.

— By Jared Field | Great Lakes Hoops

  1. westernoaks says:

    Saw him play in High School and he’s a lot quicker than Brad. I’m not sure if his shot is better, but his trigger is quicker.

  2. Jared Field says:

    That’s was my thing. I don’t know if Redford could get 13 open looks in a game.

  3. jacknjill says:

    ive played against redford and played with him my whole life, ive played the likes of oj mayo, tory jackson, dar tucker, david kool, ect…by far brad redford is the best shooter ive ever seen, idk any person who can step across any half court from 40 ft out and have it look as natural as he does….not even j j redick

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