The Big Nine still strong, kind of, in a relative sort of way…

Glenn Cosey, for JC in Midland

The vultures are circling the Big er…Nine.  Four remain after this season’s defection of Grand Blanc.  Which team will be the next to leave the island?

Despite the losses, this is pound-for-pound, one of the best conference’s in the state, including the returning B champion and an A powerhouse.  In other words, if you’re a non-conference opponent, then you have a 50% chance of being smashed.

I’m still crossing my fingers that somehow the Saginaw Valley League picks these teams up, but until then, this is how the conference looks for this season.

1. Flint Carman-Ainsworth

I’m probably going to regret picking C-A to win the conference, but I guess this is a testament to my faith in the big man.  C-A will be one of the biggest teams in the state with at least four guys that are 6’5” or taller, yet it has quality guard play with Glenn Cosey, and, perhaps, super freshman Denzel Watts.

2. Flint Powers Catholic Central

Will losing Rodney Anderson and Shane Moreland really set them back?  Their best players  return in Patrick O’Brien and Patrick Lucas-Perry, and the supporting cast will be upgraded with expanded roles given to DeMarco Sanders and Pierre Brackett.  Transfer Javonte Hawkins should be exceptional, and an added shot in the arm comes by the way of JVers Vince Adams and Luke Weishuhn.  And you know Coach Herman will use bruiser Matt Burnor in a constructive way.  They may not be big enough to win the conference, but I think they could repeat in B.

3. Flushing

They won’t win the conference, but they may actually surprise in A.  Flushing has tons of size, solid wings and athletic guards.  If Brady Simons can get these guys motivated, something I haven’t seen in a Flushing team since Garrett Konuszewski ran the point, then he could have some success with this group.  Kiontae Brown could be the leader that sets the tone.

4. Davison

I hope I’m proven wrong here, but Davison appears to be in shambles going into the season.  Only three returning players, none of whom were starters.  They also lost their coach, who would have normally reveled in a potentially dire situation like this.  I’m not expecting much, but if you’re a new coach and a new team, then that’s a good place to start.

2009-10 All Conference Team


Demondre Chapman  6’6”  Senior  Flint Carman Ainsworth

Strong and athletic post that never quite became the force I thought he would, but he’s still very good.

Patrick O’Brien  6’4”  Senior  Flint Powers Catholic Central

The definition of the overachiever.  This guy is a total gamer.

DeMarco Sanders  6’2”  Senior  Flint Powers Catholic Central

Super-skilled and looks the part of a PTPer, but doesn’t always perform like it.

Glenn Cosey  6’0”  Senior  Flint Carman Ainsworth

Motivated and confident guard.  Needs to worry more about leading the team rather than scoring.

Patrick Lucas-Perry  5’10”  Junior  Flint Powers Catholic Central

Incredible young player that out-shined everyone in the state during the playoffs.

The Bench:

Pierre Brackett  6’3”  Junior  Flint Powers Catholic Central

Should shore up the Chargers’ frontcourt with O’Brien.

Kiontae Brown  5’6”  Senior  Flushing

Tough, tough little guard that can hold his own against anyone.

Javonte Hawkins  6’5”  Sophomore  Flint Powers Catholic Central

Perhaps Flint’s next big thing.

Andrew Kujat  6’3”  Junior  Flushing

Long wing with a money three-ball.

Jaylen Larry  6’8”  Senior  Flint Carman Ainsworth

Big guy that doesn’t always play big.

Zachary Treib  6’6”  Senior  Flushing

Needs to play with the same kind of desire and consistency that made Travis Treib such a gamer.

Anton Wilson  6’5”  Sophomore  Flint Carman Ainsworth

Like Hawkins, could be Flint’s next big thing.

What to watch for:

  • The explosions of sophomores Anton Wilson and Javonte Hawkins for CA and Powers respectively.
  • A bunch of smirks from Flushing players who are too cool for school, or basketball for that matter.
  • A bunch of new faces at Davison and a lot of them seniors that weren’t on the team last year as juniors.
  • Another state title at Powers.  Why am I not picking them to win the conference?
  • A lot of 2-3 zone from CA.  Just enough to keep them from winning big games.  Why am I picking them to win the conference?
  • Watch for Denzel Watts at CA.  He’s already being recruited by division one programs.  Can a freshman really be that good?

– Gavin Raath


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2 Responses to The Big Nine still strong, kind of, in a relative sort of way…

  1. Reese

    Denzel is going to be a real good help for carman. I’ve played with this kid all the time his game is undeniable the best for someone his age. He has the speed, IQ, overall he has the talent.

  2. James

    Hold on I dont know about Dnezel’s speed but the rest of your statement was true. But the 2 sophomores their really good I seen Javontae Hawkins play at a tournament, he was putting on a show. He probably had 22 points with 11 rebounds and a couple of eye catching assists. But the kid Anton Wilson he has unstoppable talent, I seen him play at the Adidas Kentucky Hoop Feast. He scored 20 points in one half and ended the game with 31 points with at least 5 assists and 5 rebounds. The kids are really good. Their getting alot of D1 looks. Anton Wilson already holds a offer from Cleveland State. These two kids will be the next generation. Trust Me!!!!

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