Why can’t Derick Nelson make free throws?

Posted: November 24, 2009 by Jared Field in College
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At the risk of overshadowing Derick Nelson’s great performance on Monday night in Oakland’s win over Tennessee Tech, I have to wonder why the former standout at Lansing Everett can’t make free throws anymore.

So far this season, Nelson has made only 8-of-22 free throw attempts for a paltry 36 percent from the charity stripe.

Who does this guy think he is, Eric Snow? Doug Gottlieb? Nelson, a redshirt senior, has never been a particularly good free throw shooter (around 70 percent). But after losing the 2008-2009 season to a foot injury, Nelson seems to have lost any semblance of touch from the line.

Here’s the moral of the story for young players: If you’re not a beast like Derick Nelson, you better be able to make your foul shots.

— Jared Field

  1. Williford says:

    I attend Oakland University. In a recent game against Eastern Michigan, if Nelson would have made his free throws, we would have won the game. I just don’t understand how he misses so many.

  2. OUFan says:

    While I dont attend Oakland University, I’m a fan of the school’s athletic department – particularly the basketball team and the solid play by Derick Nelson. For starters, THE TEAM lost against Eastern Michigan… you cannot blame the entire loss on one player alone. And while Nelson could stand to work on his free throws… who couldnt? He was out for an entire year due to his foot injury so naturally, its going to take time for him to get back into the swing of things. Wasnt the game against EMU their first game? Lets take a look at the most recent game that they played on 11/25 against Kansas. They lost there as well but Derick had 19 points, made 3 of 4 of his free throws and made 4 of 5 3-pointers attempted. And remember: Nelson is only the second player in the Division I era to surpass 1,000 points and 600 rebounds (as quoted by ESPN) so lets not talk about how Nelson “lost it for the team” but focus on how he’s improving his game constantly and truly shows his skill continously.

  3. Williford says:

    Well first off, no it wasn’t their first game. They had 2 (I believe) pre-season games before Eastern Michigan. Secondly, I was merely pointing out that if he had made his shots, they would have won that game. A few guys stood out but even Larry Wright went 4-18 from the court and 0-9 from behind the arc. I wasn’t trying to single him out. I assure you that it was a team loss. I’m aware of Nelson’s accolades. But he missed maybe 5 or 6 lay-ups. Is there really an excuse for that? Again, I’m NOT singling him out. Everyone missed lay-ups. He was simply just an example.

  4. joker says:

    EMU was their home opener & season opener. if youre going to mention larry going 4-18, then you should also mention he sat out last year due to transfering from st. johns.

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