Marshawn Norris treated like ‘rock star’ in Jackson

Posted: December 1, 2009 by Jared Field in High School
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Mott Community College’s freshman guard Marshawn Norris returned home to play Jackson Community college last night and brought a few fans with him.

Norris had his own cheering section of middle schoolers watching the former all-stater at Napleon and the Bears defeated Jackson 95-55.

Steve Finamore, one of the top up-and-coming coaches in the JUCO ranks, is in his third year at Jackson after the school reinstated its basketball program.

Finamore has taken to using Mott’s program as an example of where he wants to be. In two words: On top.

From the Jackson Citizen Patriot:

JCC coach Steve Finamore said the Mott program is where JCC strives to be.

“It’s like the Chicago Bulls from the ’90s coming in here,” Finamore said. “It’s always good to measure yourself against the best.”

Finamore said it’s obvious that Norris is in a good place to develop his basketball skills.

“People wonder why Marshawn is not at JCC. Well, he’s at one of the top junior college programs in the country. Their former point guard is at Ohio State, and they’ve got athletes all over the place.

“Marshawn is smart.”


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