‘Mau-Jo’ workin’: The Saginaw area’s 10 best

Posted: December 1, 2009 by Gavin Raath in High School
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My 2010 Mr. BasketballI always struggle with these lists. 
Are they about a team’s MVP, college potential, or high school production with strength of schedule consideration?  With this list I consider all of the above.  There’s obviously a lot of ultra-talented guys in Saginaw like Jordan Hare of Arthur Hill and Travion Babers of the High, but I need to see production to make this list so they don’t crack it, yet. 
If you don’t like the idea of general rankings, then just consider this ten guys to watch in Saginaw this season.  If you do, then feel free to blast away. 
1. Maurice Jones 5’6″  Senior  Saginaw Arthur Hill — USC commit is my pick for Mr. Basketball so to take him #1 in Saginaw is no biggie.
2. Derrick Davis  6’3″  Senior  Bridgeport — one of the best athletes in the state and continuously evlovling player who is extremely productive at the same team.  Has been a stud since his sophomore year and led Bridgeport to the Breslin last season. 
3. Tommie McCune  6’8″  Junior  Saginaw — Loads of talent and flashes of brilliance on the court.  Could be yet another great from Saginaw High and a guarenteed division one player.
4. AJ Thomas  5’10”  Senior  Saginaw Heritage — Maurice Jones light.  Extremely fast and dominant when he’s on.  Too bad he’s still not at Saginaw Arts and Sciences, otherwise he would be in the running for class D player of the year. 
5. Devante Jackson  5’7″  Senior  Saginaw Buena Vista — so he’s not his brother, he’s still really good.  Ultra fast, great handle — just another of the great, undersized guards in Saginaw.
6. James Johnson  6’4″  Senior  Saginaw Heritage — another player that continues to evolve yet produces along the way.  Johnson is a sleeper in the state.
7. Darvin Ham  6’5″  Senior  Bridgeport — has all the tools to rise on this list, just needs to continue to refine the perimeter game. 
8. Gregory Hayes  5’11”  Senior  Saginaw — partial starter for the High last year.  Ultra fast with some moves that made me think of Nick Stapleton from time to time. 
9. James Rogers  6’0″  Senior  Saginaw Valley Lutheran — led Valley Lutheran through a great season last year and is set to do it again. 
10. Jared Briguglio  6’0″  Junior  Saginaw Swan Valley — like older brother Blake, Jared kind of does it all for this school.  Look out for a really tough group of juniors out of Swan Valley.
Other notables:
DeAnthony Arnette  6’0″  Junior  Saginaw
Travion Babers  6’4″  Junior  Saginaw
Travon Cotton  6’2″  Junior  Saginaw Heritage
Tyler Dwyer  6’4″  Senior  Saginaw Arthur Hill
George Goodman  5’10”  Junior  Saginaw Buena Vista
Jordan Hare  6’8″  Sophomore  Saginaw Arthur Hill
Andy Miller  6’4″  Senior  Carrollton
Matt Parks  5’11”  Junior  Saginaw Swan Valley
Jeremy Schultz  6’7″  Senior  Michigan Lutheran Seminary
Lovario Smith  6’2″  Senior  Saginaw Heritage
Gavin Raath
  1. Jared Field says:

    Is basketball a bit of an afterthought now for Arnette? I remember seeing him before his sophomore year and thinking he was going to be something special. I guess he’s a big-timer on the gridiron now. Good for him.

  2. Mr.kng says:

    What about them 2 flint bos that go to saginaw high now… Deparris Gordon and Taron Boose they should be up here… Boose only has to sit 3 games so he will only miss the 1st two weeks so thats not long at all

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