Report: Flint’s Anthony Crater suspended for failing drug test

Posted: December 3, 2009 by Jared Field in College
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Flint’s Anthony “Noopy” Crater is quickly becoming the poster child for what not to do when you go away to college.

Crater, who prepped at Flint Southwestern, was given a scholarship to Ohio State out of high school. He played a few games before quitting the team for greener pastures — and more playing time — at the University of South Florida.

One month after he arrived in Florida Crater and another teammate were busted with pot in a vehicle. Crater has also been named as a suspect in a robbery and now this:


TAMPA, Fla.South Florida guard Anthony Crater has been suspended after failing a second drug test, and the school is being investigated by the NCAA, according to a report citing unidentified sources. reported Thursday that Carter will miss 20 percent of the season once he becomes eligible on Dec. 12. Carter had been sitting out after transferring from Ohio State.

The report said that Carter also failed a drug test when he was with the Buckeyes.

Officials with the South Florida athletic department did not return phone calls Thursday seeking comment.

The NCAA is reportedly investigating the school after reported numerous alleged violations, including a strength coach providing transportation for players and illegally working out with them.

I say shame on the adults in Flint, and you know who you are, who coddle players of promise like Crater. Men who care so little about their development as men because many aren’t men themselves, just boys who never grew up and continue to seek accolades, if only by connection.

Honestly, my heart breaks for young men who fall victim to the handlers, to people who cannot see the bigger picture. Crater’s responsible for his action, but take a moment to look at the big picture.

Here’s some advice for players of promise who are reading this: Be suspicious of anyone who stands to gain anything more than pride as a result of your success.Very often what’s best for them is not what’s best for you.

If there had been someone in Crater’s life a  year ago when he was upset about his playing that simply said, “GET BETTER,” he’d probably be the starting point guard alongside a future NBA shooting guard right now.

Remember that to “live and learn” isn’t just a given. Some people just live.

  1. Marcellus Miller says:

    That’s crazy! I have no idea what these kids are doing these days…well, yes I do…listening to people who just want to use you and could care less about you. Parents, for goodness’ sake, protect your children, be involved positively with them and their sport, meet the coach or “mentor” more than once, and be the one they look to for guidance. I hope he can salvage something out of his career, but now he’s fighting uphill from now on. God help him…

  2. Williford says:

    It’s ironic too see this, to me. It really is. I went to school with this kid at Southwestern. He was really something on that court, and I can imagine he’s probably way better than I had last seen him, having prepped at Brewster Academy for his senior year. His head just kind of got the best of him. I thought for sure I’d see him as the starting point guard this year on the Buckeye’s team. It’s a shame to see how things like this pop up. He’s in Florida and is not giving Flint, MI, nor Southwestern Academy a good light shone upon them.

    I sure hope he can get it together. Quick. Otherwise, all of his talent will go to waste.

  3. scott baryo says:

    I know there were some people who were in his corner from day one. I for one kept in touch with him at the Ohio State. I think he drew tired of me telling him books come first. We soon grew apart. This stuff of a handler is a bunct of crap. It was a person looking to make a quick name and get a free ride. He did not care about making Noopy in to a man. Hello parents and fans wake up do not let another young man or woman have this happen to them, please

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