A ‘Khan job’: Grading the Flint Journal’s preseason top 10

Posted: December 7, 2009 by Jared Field in High School

It’s a tradition for me at this time every year to critique the preseason top 10 in the Flint Journal’s basketball preview.

It’s fun for me, of course, because the author of the ranking is a friend and former colleague at the Journal, Bill Khan.

I know Bill can take the heat, so let the games begin:

  • First, it took him six spots to finally get to a city hooper. I’d say Bill’s been spending too much time in the suburbs — the area I affectionately call the “2-3 Zone.”
  • We actually agree on our first three players, though I’m not surprised to see Dee Chapman (Flint  Carman-Ainsworth) at number 4. I preferred the wait-and-see approach with Chapman, who hasn’t shown consistent improvement since his freshman season.
  • No disrespect to Andrew Patrick, who is a very good all-around player, but the GAC player who should have been number 5 is William Sams, formerly of Grand Blanc. Sams will be the quickest and most athletic player in the conference, Red or Blue.
  • Choosing Joey Jerisk (Burton Bentley) at number 10 is debatable. I took Roy Jackson, but it’s a toss up. In typical Khan fashion, he couldn’t help but to take a cheap shot at AAU basketball through Jerisk. Every player on his list played AAU basketball and his third-ranked player, Glenn Cosey, would have been a virtual unknown without it. AAU made a name for Cosey while he was still on JV. 
  1. Marcellus Miller says:

    I would like someone to ask Joey Jerisk’s AAU coach about his “disdain” for AAU ball before drawing much conclusion…

  2. Gavin Raath says:

    I think there are too many stars at Goodrich for one guy to shine with Vallie, Lucus, Warner, Goetz and some nice players up from the JV. Sams will definitely have a better year statistically.

    No love to the Metro either. I kind of thought Cody Campbell might get a headline or maybe take a gamble on Lovachis at Holly. I think Sorenson will have some ridiculous stats this year too.

    And I can’t think that Rick Dent will have a quiet year at Northern.

    I also think it might be worth giving some love to Faith Baptist’s Jonathan Knapp. The junior is putting up 20+ in his sleep this year. I know they don’t really play anyone, but this kid can compete.

  3. Khan’s Jerisk comment stemmed from a quote Joey had in the Burton News. Don’t remember the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of he preferred the high school game simply because there it’s less about the individual or something like that. Certainly not what I would call “disdain” for AAU ball, just a preference.

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