Vegas import, Donald Lewis, takes gamble on Flint Northern

Posted: December 7, 2009 by Marcellus Miller in High School

By Marcellus Miller

Imagine yourself for a moment in Las Vegas, Nevada…well, if you’re like me, that was a nice thought.  Flint Northern’s newest transfer, Donald Lewis, was living that dream for the past two years.  The 6’7″ senior initially left Flint after his freshman year at Flint Southwestern Academy as his family sought refuge out west from the economic pinch in the Midwest.  Fast forward to 2009 and Vegas’ loss is now Flint Northern’s gain.  Don’s father was able to find work back home and Flint again became the destination of choice. 

As for his impact on Northern’s basketball team, he adds size that every high school covets.  He also adds another piece to an interesting puzzle that’s being put together by a coaching staff that added several other transfers to its roster this year. 

“Don is a long guy with some perimeter ability,” says Northern head coach Thomas Tucker, “but his biggest help to us may be on the defensive end.” 

Adding his length to that of 6’6″ Darrell Williams can make an intimidating wall for the opposition on the inside. 

Unfortunately for the Vikes, Lewis is nursing an ankle that he sprained in a scrimmage against Southfield Lathrup and his availability for Tuesday’s opener at Beecher is in doubt.  If he can’t go Tuesday, that will be just fine by Tucker just as long as he’s ready for the long haul of the season.  Don should have a solid impact on the city hoop scene, and just may be that gamble on Flint will pay off.

  1. Gavin Raath says:

    I thought he was a freshman at Grand Blanc. Also, you didn’t mention two other 6’6″ guys from Northern: Jamerson and Fisher. Are they not playing this year?

  2. He was at SWA before he left and even sought to go back there before things took another turn. Jamerson is back at Northwestern and not playing that I know of, while Fisher must sit out until January due to his jaunt to Atlanta at the beginning of the school year. Apparently his inital transfer wasn’t handled correctly so when he came back, he had to sit.

  3. News update on Don: He went to the ground in a heap after coming down on an opposing player’s foot at Beecher tonight. It is the same ankle that was mentioned above. Let’s hope for his sake it is not as bad as it looked…

  4. […] get help from the inside as well.  The 6′7″ pair of incumbent Darrell Williams and Las Vegas transfer Don Lewis will add size that no one else has.  Williams is a polished shot blocker as he proved with 9 in […]

  5. The Ball says:

    How are the freshmans holding up on varsity for Northern this year?

  6. The freshman are doing okay, but certainly freshman and have a ton to learn. Lewis playing a bit more then Tisdale right now due to a deficiency in PG’s at Northern, but both have bright furtures.

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