Loads of young talent shown off as Flint Carman-Ainsworth and Grand Blanc lock up on opening night

Posted: December 8, 2009 by Gavin Raath in High School

By Gavin Raath

Well, on opening night, it felt like things were normal with CA facing Grand Blanc, only this game no longer has conference implications with GB moving to a different conference.

For those of you who care CA won after being down for most of the game.  But this isn’t going to be a blog devoted to play-by-play or who won.  If that’s what you want, then go here.

Bill does game stories better than me anyway, so I’ll just give you guys my observations. 

Player of the game probably belonged to Glenn Cosey, but I’m reluctant with the pick.  He jacked a ton of shots in the first half and at times was outplayed by Jordan Fields.  I remember Cosey drained a jumper in Fields’ face on one possession, so in return Fields took it the other end at break-neck speed and drained an off-the-dribble/off-balance jumper in Cosey’s face.  He’s still got college basketball written all over him, but I would just like to see him become more of a play-maker — this team’s strength is its size, use it more often.

Because when that size is used, CA is pretty well unstoppable.  Demondre Chapman, a 6’6″ senior, has a ton of critics, but when he gets the ball inside, he puts it in the cup.  After a scoring drought in the first quarter, filled with a ton of three-point attempts, Chapman finally got his hands on the rock and took off with two-hands for a thunderous rim-rocker with plenty of traffic around him.  The kid is a freak, but still doesn’t seem to have wing skill.  That’s going to hurt him in the recruiting game.

Then there’s still Jaylen Larry at 6’7″ 250, Dionte Savage at 6’6″ 340, and senior Bobby McFadden at 6’8″ 260.  Granted the bigs aren’t terribly efficient other than Chapman, but their size would create just as many problems for opponents on offense as they do on defense.  Larry still looks uncoordinated by the way.  He’s good so don’t get me wrong, he’s just nowhere as dominant as he should be.

Grand Blanc’s star is Patrick Haggin.  Haggin should be in a Clarkston uniform with the way he plays basketball.  Tall guy, that can drill the three from anywhere, like Brandon Pokley or Danny Owens.  Patrick was the most skilled player on the court by a good margin.  Somebody ought to pick him up.

I also liked what I saw in 5’10” senior Marcus Tucker.  He’s lightning quick and has touch going to the hoop, but can’t hit the broad side of a barn.  He missed two three-pointers by a mile.  They literally touched nothing, not the rim, not the backboard — nothing.  He’s not Tony Jones or William Sams, but he’s nice to have.

Jordan Fields is going to be the man.  The 5’10” GB sophomore [I thought he was a freshman, he played for the freshman Flint Affiliation team this summer] may have been the best guard on the floor tonight.  Fearless and tons of game.

Another really good sophomore was CA’s Anton Wilson.  The 6’4″ wing has great skill with the ball.  He can shoot it from anywhere and has the right size for the position, just needs to get stronger and develop some athleticism for the next level.  Already has division one offers, according to a few different sources.

CA’s Denzel Watts was impressive for a freshman.  He hit a ton of free throws in the fourth quarter and nailed a few triples in the second half.  Not a cat-quick guard, but poised and pretty big.  He’s at least as tall as Cosey.  I can see why Bob Root starts him.

Another freshman that I liked in this game was Bart Williams of Grand Blanc.  A lanky 6’4″ with a banger’s mentality.  Played tough when he was in.  Could be a stud for GB down the line.

It had to be hard for Coach Belcher to look across the gym and see William Sams, Gabe Martin and Tony Jones all sitting in the bleachers.  Those three were starters last season, but Sams has since transferred to Montrose, while Martin and Jones elected to sit out to prepare for their college careers in football [Bowling Green and Northwestern].  Another starter from last season, Mitchel Vallie, also transferred to Goodrich.  This was a year when GB could have been the best team in Genesee County with five returning starters.  It’s too bad.

And those who think Belcher is a bad coach are delusional.  GB should have been outgunned at every position, yet held the lead for most of the game against a team full of division one talent.

Speaking of coaches, it was cool to see former players give back.  Scott Richardson, the quintessential high school center for CA during their first Breslin run, is an assistant for both the varsity and JV.  For GB, Rob McRae is on the sidelines with Belcher and is the head coach for the JV.

I couldn’t help but think that CA’s basketball team had a potential better defensive line than Michigan with Dionte Savage and Tre Branch inside at 6’6″ 340 and 6’1″ 285 apiece, and then throw Chapman at end with his 6’6″ and 220-pound frame.  I’ll leave Brandon Graham at the other end spot.

I also caught the JV game.  Pretty competitive contest.  CA has a few guys that were probably hard to leave on the JV.  Carrington Thompson, a 6’3″ wing, is really nice and 6’3″ post Cortney Weatherspoon, who was a freshman on the JV last year too with Anton Wilson, is a warrior inside.  Lots of solid guards too like Roderick Adair, and Shane Barron.

Grand Blanc’s JV is nice too with 6’3″ wing Clarence Turner, who was pretty well unguardable all night, point guard Terrance Dye and freshman TJ Nichols.

  1. Jack says:

    Bobcats played a really good game just came up short in the final minutes in the 4th quarter. Another good guard we didn’t get to see do to illness is Junior guard Brandon Hill, He will be a major factor for the Grand Blanc team. The Bobcats has lots of talent and played well together even though they have know good size on the team.

  2. Gavin Raath says:

    I was wondering about Brandon Hill.

  3. daniel smith says:

    check out the next davison vs flushing freshman game maverick prine a kyle kuzma

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