Vikings use one big quarter to escape Buctown

Posted: December 9, 2009 by Marcellus Miller in High School

So, you stretch in the locker room before the varsity game while the JV teams play what has to be the longest JV game ever (2 solid hours).  You get the coaches’ pep talks.  You pump yourself up with that favorite pre game song.  Then you come out of the locker room to play…no wait, you come out to sit on the bench for the gym dedication.  Huh?  While I love the gesture to rename the gym after the beloved coach, Moses Lacy, the timing couldn’t have been worse.

It was the first and maybe the team’s most exciting game of the season.  It came between JV and varsity games.  It took quite a while, leaving the players and the fans restless. 

That said, both teams had the same problem and it showed in the first half play.  Outside of a great steal and two-hand dunk by Gerald Williams-Taylor for his and Northern’s first points of the season, it was quite lackluster on both sides.  Beecher used a guard-laden lineup and 2-3 zone defense to slow the Vikings and actually lead them 29-25 at the end of the first half.

The second half began with Beecher slowly pulling away from the now stunned Northern team and grabbing an 11-point lead midway through the quarter.  After a timeout to stop the bleeding, coach Thomas Tucker unleashed the defense of senior Darrell Williams and the offense of Shaquille Smith.  Williams had five blocks in the 3rd quarter, including three on one play.  Smith scored six and dished for three other scores in the third as well. 

The final quarter showed what some say the Vikings should be doing this year and that is run the ball down the Bucs’ collective throats.  The zone press employed simply reeked havoc and the Beecher players seemed to just panic.  Northern’s Douglas Toins had a series in which he tipped away the opponents’ dribble, got the steal, scored the bucket, raced back down court for another steal, then started another fast break that led to another basket.  That was a microcosm of how the quarter was for Beecher.  Toins had all seven of his points in that quarter.  Smith added 11, and Williams-Taylor and Richmond Lewis put in four apiece in the 31-point stanza for the Vikes.  Needless to say, that quarter was the difference in the 67-56 win.

Random Thoughts

  • Between the Grand Blanc-Carman game and this one, the future of Flint basketball was on full display.  Here freshmen Monta Morris (Beecher), Lewis (Northern), and Dewrell Tisdale Jr. (Northern) all suited up and played for their varsity teams.  Lewis ended up with 11 points, including 6-6 from the FT line.  Morris had 12 of his own for Beecher and was clearly their most poised and polished player tonight.  Sophomore Antwaun Burks (Beecher) led his team with 20 in the loss, but played his heart out.  Flint will produce some serious ball players in the next few years, trust me.
  • Williams-Taylor looked great at times and uninvolved at others.  He ended the game with 15 points, six rebounds and six steals, but in my mind should have had at least 25.  Watch out for him though because if he ever develops a mean streak and a consistent jumper he will be nearly unstoppable.
  • Williams (Darrell) finished the game with nine blocks, eight of those in the second half.  If he doesn’t do anything else, he can certainly do that.
  • The player of the game was undoubtedly Smith tonight.  He finished with 23 points and five assists, including 7-8 from the FT line.  Even with the zone defense, Smith found a way to be quick enough to get past the frontline to release his deadly floater.  The quicks on this kid are unmatched by any in this area, period.
  • Beecher unveiled a brand new floor tonight.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t in a brand new gym too.  I felt like a sardine packed in the gym, but I must admit, the floor was very nice.
  1. Marcellus Miller says:

    I would be remissed if I didn’t mention sophomore Cortez Robinson (who started for the Bucs), as well as fellow soph Eric Cooper who played significantly as well. Also, I bet Beecher coach Mike Williams was thinking how much he could have used Taron Boose (transfer to Saginaw) and Kevin Matiere (suspended).

    • kmoe says:


  2. Gavin Raath says:

    Beecher has done really well despite a lot of their kids jumping ship. Imagine if a few area kids like Terrance Keaton, and Reggie Stallings were on that team that lost to Bath in that barn-burner two years ago? Boose and Matiere I guess are just two more such casualties.

  3. Exactly…what I told the Beecher coaches after the game was that those boys played so hard! They just seem to traditionaly want it worse than many opponents. That is a truly scrappy bunch.

  4. Jared Field says:

    After the way Buctown played against Flint Northern, I’d say they’re the favorite. Goodrich has a ton of talent, though.

  5. Beecher will have to recover from the tough loss in a game that they led much of the game. But if they do, I like the Bucs.

  6. Kevionte Goff says:

    I think yall should not sleep on me cause i had a good nite against northern

  7. Eric Cooper says:

    Im a Freshman Coach

  8. My bad Coop….that’s even more impressive for another freshman to be out there on the varsity level…mental note made in my mind now.

  9. Kevionte, we will do our best not to “sleep” on anyone. You did have a pretty good game Tuesday night. We will look for consistency to come and report accordingly. Just some advice from me though…let others be your fans. Trust me, ballers have enough to focus on with school, practice, and individual work to worry about the reporters. Good luck throughout the year though, you guys have quite a nice team.

  10. As for the Goodrich game, the size of Goodrich may bother Beecher, but if they scrap and claw like they do, the Bucs will pull it out.

    • Hoops24 says:

      Big win for Goodrich in Beecher’s first GAC game. They led from start to finish and their size seemed to make the difference. They have 10 guys that rotate in and out. Vallie from GB was a huge pickup for them.

  11. […] Lewis will add size that no one else has.  Williams is a polished shot blocker as he proved with 9 in the first game against Beecher. But, he is also wildly inconsistent with his offensive play.  He did well in the first game […]

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