John Belein’s ‘Magic Bus’ running on fumes after loss to Utah

Posted: December 10, 2009 by Jared Field in College
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Last month when I penned a UM basketball preview for Mlive’s It’s Just Sports blog, I worried that I wasn’t giving the Wolverines enough credit.

Here’s the gist: I didn’t they would be any better than the 21-14 team I watched last season. I thought that team overachieved.

The fact is, this team is far worse. After Michigan’s embarrassing loss to Utah last night, I’m further convinced that this team’s ceiling is actually the roof at Madison Square Garden during the NIT.

John Belein’s driver seat in the Magic Bus is getting hot, real hot.

The frontline was awful, getting beat on the boards by the Utes to the tune of 41-25. And for a team that’s supposed to be lights-out from 3-point range, UM shot only 7-for-22. Heck, they barely made 50 percent of their free throws against Utah.

Scarier still for UM fans is that the Wolverines are one Manny Harris injury away from not being good enough to win the MAC. Harris is a tough nut on a team full of softies.

(Get a load of Deshawn Sims hoisting up SEVEN 3-point attempts.) is losing faith, too:

Michigan’s offense just isn’t working. They go inside and can’t score, they can’t hit threes, the occasional successful backdoor cuts lead to blocked layups half the time. The entire offense looks tentative, whether it is passing, dribbling or shooting. The offense on the floor looks painfully similar to the offense in Beilein’s first year in Ann Arbor and that should be scary for any Michigan fan.

UM has lost four of its last five games and are poised for what has the potential to be a really embarrassing loss to the University of Detroit on Sunday. I hesitate to call for an upset, but UD has some pretty good forwards that will test UM’s wack frontline.

After, UM will have six days to marinate before getting chopped up by no. 1-ranked Kansas.

  1. I guess Manny would have been better off in the draft…this is sad for a team ranked in the preseason polls!

  2. Jared Field says:

    I’m not sure Manny would have been drafted in the first round.

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