Hotbed Hoops: Introducing Flushing’s Luke Seibt

Posted: December 11, 2009 by Jared Field in High School
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Ask and ye shall receive.

I wasn’t the only basketball fan in the Flint area wondering about Luke Seibt after his 30-point game against Kearsley on Tuesday night. Apparently it caught the attention of the Flint Journal’s Patrick Hayes, who talked to the Flushing senior about his big night.

From Hotbed Hoops: Flushing’s offense last year revolved around center Travis Treib and guard Jon Shipley, so the Raiders were obviously had some scoring to replace those departed seniors.

Flint Journal sports writer Bill Khan dug up some stats from last year and had Flushing’s Luke Seibt down for 68 total points for the season.

Well, Seibt scored nearly half that in a season-opening win against Kearsley when he had 30 points, catching the attention of area high school hoops junkies.


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