Flint Northwestern uses charity stripe to outlast Flint Northern

Posted: December 12, 2009 by Marcellus Miller in High School

By Marcellus C. Miller

The first city game of the year pitted north side rivals at Northern tonight.  In the end, the visiting Northwestern squad walked out with a big win early in the season.  It was easy to tell that this was only the second game for these two teams as it was pretty sloppy throughout.  Because of that, amongst other things, I will keep my coverage of the 65-57 Wildcat win to just my random thoughts and musings…

– Can anyone tell me why 2 of the 3 officials for tonight’s contest had NEVER officiated in Flint before?  They were way behind the action and it made for very inconsistent calls.  It was one of the worst performances by a crew in a while.  Just on Northern’s side, 3/5 starters had 4 or more fouls at the end.  It eliminating the best players from the floor for good stretches and just made the game flow as smooth as sandpaper.

– Speaking of officials, NW’s Jaylen McGee had 18 points, while his teammate Deandre Parks led all scorers with 19.  What did the officials have to do with this?  They also had 14 and 10 free throws attempted respectively, McGee hitting 10 and Parks 9.  Half of their points from the line was a big help.

– NW’s best player in my opinion, Travon Mitchell, was limited to only 7 points.  Great defense?  No.  Mitchell took a hard fall in the first half attempting to jump over Northern’s Gerald Williams-Taylor and fell straight in his back.  He came back in the second half, but was never the same.  I wish a speedy recovery to that kid.

– Northern was led once again by dynamic point guard Shaquille Smith who has seemed to master the 12-foot floater.  He had 17 points despite being in foul trouble most of the night.

– The Vikings’ Williams (Darrell) had 10 point and 9 rebounds in a solid effort for him.  The drawback was a big 0 in the block category where he had a 9 last game.  In fact, Northern had 0 as a team…a first for me watching a city team.

– Dalvin David (Northern 8 pts. 7 rebs.) and Derrick Hunt (NW- 8 pts.) had solid complimentary games tonight.  David could be a beast if he had any consistency of play.

– NW was up 17 points in the 4th quarter until Northern had a surge to actually pull within 2 points with a shot to tie.  The Vikings have to be happy about the comeback, but upset that in both of their games they have only played one really good quarter and dug themselves quite a hole.  NW has to worry about letting teams back in the game like that.

– The second game between these top two teams in the city will be a good one once both teams find their true identity.  The city race will be very interesting.

– I don’t know where Williams-Taylor was.  The one that was playing in this game wasn’t the one I saw Tuesday.  He must show up every game for Northern to be successful.

– Northern really missed 6’7″ Don Lewis tonight.  He sat on the bench with crutches after learning he will be out 2-4 weeks with a severely sprained ankle.

  1. Gavin Raath says:

    Northern will be a new team at the break. When Rick Dent, and Donald Fisher are eligible and Lewis healthy, then they will be one of the bigger teams in the area. Also, is Coffer going to play at some point?

    Is Jalen Scott playing this year?

  2. Coffer has a chance to play very soon, but he has to prove himself in the classroom so the coach sees his dedication. Jalen Scott is no longer at Northern, but rather at Swartz Creek I believe. Also in January, Eric Long and Cameron Lefear should be available.

  3. Williford says:

    I’m telling you guys. Don’t sleep on Southwestern.

    • Jared Field says:

      I love JoJo and Josh Young, but keep in mind they only beat Swartz Creek by five and the Dragons missed 15 of 22 freebies.

      The jury is still out on SWA.

      They need Rick “Buckets” Dent.

  4. Williford says:

    I understand that. It was also the first game of the season. Hopefully they can pull it together against NW tomorrow night. Chuck McLaurain and Kendrick Perkins are also coming up big for the Knights.

    • Marcellus Miller says:

      Also, they didn’t beat Dow by much, right? They a guard-laden and unfortunately when guards have off-shooting nights, it can get ugly for the team. But I am a fan of Jojo and Josh. Those guys are both quality guards. As you also said, Chuck is a good player too.

  5. Williford says:

    You make valid points. But I believe SWA has a chance this year. Everyone has hyped up Northern and NW so much. Southwestern is a team that is underrated. Quite frankly, upsets are going to happen.

    • Marcellus Miller says:

      True, upsets can and will happen over the course of the year, but bear in mind that the kids themselves know each other from summer ball and years of playing against each other. That would speak to the idea that no one in the city will take each other lightly. However, we will find out more tonight when SWA goes up against NW. NW may be short-handed without Travon, but we will see.

  6. IT IS WHAT IT IS says:


  7. I witnessed the overmatched refs at Northern-NW. It was pretty brutal. I just saw another guy from that crew doing a Metro game. Let’s just say he couldn’t really hang there either.

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