Flint Kearsley drops Oxford in OT despite big game from Tommy Nieman

Posted: December 15, 2009 by Gavin Raath in High School
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I checked out Oxford at Flint Kearsley Monday night because I took a lot of heat for saying Capus Robinson wasn’t first team All-Metro

In addition, it was a very competitive game that was decided in overtime after Kearsley opened the first quarter with a 22-6 lead.  In the second half, Oxford went to their big man, 6’4″ senior, Tommy Nieman and a huge third quarter, en route to a 20-point performance, helped Oxford close the first quarter gap. 

Great game by the way.

I was a little disappointed though, because both teams lacked their best players.  Kearsley’s streaky guard Ryan Williams and Oxford’s bouncy wing Michael Bertling spent the game on the bench.  I didn’t bother to find out why. 

As for my assessment on Robinson, I think I was on target with my initial projections.  I’ve seen him play before, once against Clio’s Lucas Sorenson where he struggled and he had similar problems last night with Nieman.  Robinson is a hustler that any coach would love to have on their team, but I feel justified with my earlier assessment. 

There’s actually a big part of me that like Kyle Robinson’s game a little more than Capus’ too.  He’s a tick taller at, probably, 6’4″ and a little more mobile.

Another guy I really liked was sophomore Paul Adas.  The 6’0″ guard has exceptional poise and once he fills out a little could be a real dominator in the Metro.  He led Kearsley with 13 points. 

Kearsley by the way also has Tyler Youmans, Atherton’s star from last season.  The junior looked okay in spots, but I think he’s realizing the difference between A and C ball.

Kearsley has a very good JV team with lots of freshmen on it, plus the varsity has four sophomores.  Metro be warned.

I liked Tommy Nieman’s energy and resemblance to Jackie Moon of Semi-Pro.  My apologies to Nieman if he’s not going for that look. 

It’s hard to gauge much from Oxford without Bertling.  For the last few years they’ve relied pretty heavily upon him, but in his absence they performed well.  Guys like Tyler Rose and Kevin Cramer really stepped up.

I also like Oxford’s sophomore Mark Hazelwood.  The 5’9″ guard has a lot of skill and his shot looks like it wants to go in, but he could be a little nervous at this stage being the only young guy on the team.

Gavin Raath

  1. Capus Robinson says:

    hey, Mr. raath a couple of my friends told be to go on her a read what u said about me and what the rankings was…. when from my assessment im not here to make first team all conf. I’m here to win games but dont get me wrong i will make first team just like I did last year as a junior over lucas, payton and tommy. and yes i dont have to best game but we won… so yeah the game before that i had 17 piont and 12 boards but yeah i had a off night but it is what it is. and the reason ryan didnt play is cause last game he black out and got hurt hitting the floor hard and i talk to mike after the game he didnt play cause he miss practice. but thanks for giving me a little more respect cause when i look at the pre season ranks lance is the only player that made first team even tho me and cody marks made it last year…. but we will see when coachs vote at the end of the season but my main goal is to be merto champ. than make first team AGIAN haha but thanks and come check me out again.

  2. Gavin Raath says:

    Congrats on the win, Capus, and I hope you only use this for motivation. I actually think Kearsley should be better than what you guys played Monday — Oxford should have never been close. There’s still a lot of basketball to be played so I hope you prove me wrong and I will definitely be at another game. Also, I hope Ryan feels better — you guys will need him against Holly and Fenton.

  3. Tommy Nieman says:

    thanks for showing interest in me and my image sir 😉

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