East Lansing versus Davison news and notes

Posted: December 15, 2009 by Gavin Raath in High School
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East Lansing visited Davison Tuesday night and it wasn’t pretty for the home team.

Tyler Tucker and company started off hot, but Davison clawed its way back in the second quarter.  To start the second half, East Lansing went off closing out Davison, in similar fashion to Flushing last Friday.

Davison, yet again, can’t go wire-to-wire, but to be fair, this is the least talented team they have had in a long time. The Trojans dominated, 58-45.

Their best player is 6’4″ junior Brendan Hendershot, who actually reminds me of Capus Robinson of rival Flint Kearsley, whom I saw last night.  He has a strong build and wills the ball into the cup.

One interesting player for Davison is 6’3″ freshman Mitchell Rubio.  Mitchell, despite his height is a true wing that seems to have some decent skill, but the physical aspect of varsity play still needs development.

One freshman in this game that needs less development than Rubio is East Lansing’s 6’5″ wing Steve Haney.  Haney scored in double-figures from all over the floor and was the second-best athlete in the gym.  The kid is has a smooth game for someone so young.

The best athlete was EL’s 6’4″ sophomore Efe Scott-Emuakpor.  Efe is more athlete than basketball player right now and struggled to put the ball in the cup.  His only potential basket came on two-hander off the baseline, but was waived off after a foul away from the play.  Really talented, but really raw.

Despite the Trojans’ young talent, its best player is 6’2″ junior point guard Tyler Tucker.  Tucker can knock down shots from anywhere and is slick going to the hoop.  He looks like a linebacker at the position, but he manages it very well.

Devlin Bell, a 6’3″ junior, was also valuable.  His athleticism on defense and transition proved to be a huge headache for the Cardinals.

While East Lansing may have won decisively, I probably got carried away ranking them so high in my conference preview.  They may not have what it takes to beat Lansing Eastern.  The good news is that they are extremely young so look out in the future.

The same could be said for Davison.  Its 2013 class looks really good with Rubio, and a few guys off the JV like Max McCombs and Joe Thwing.

Gavin Raath

  1. j says:

    Good analysis of EL. I think Haney and Scott-Emuakpor are the real deal together. Scott-Emuakpor might have struggled to put the ball in the cup but he was in double figures both games before the Davison game and he passes well. Haney makes a lot of mistakes, but he’s a freshman. And he looks great all around.

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