Bridgeport shoots themselves in the foot, loses to Flint Northwestern

Posted: December 18, 2009 by Gavin Raath in High School
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FLINT, Michigan — Flint played host to an exciting game last night, a rare  Thursday affair between two of the top teams in class A and B from last year. 

Despite lacking size and athleticism, Northwestern was able to hold off Bridgeport, 68-64.

But really, Bridgeport gave this one away.I would love to go to a Bridgeport practice, because based upon how often they shoot the three, their practices must resemble a Beilein West Virginia team [wish I could say a Beilein Michigan team].  They jack WAY too many threes, particularly since they had such a nice size and athleticism advantage inside.  If Darvin Ham or Derrick Davis just stayed inside this game instead of running point guard and point forward and shooting outside shots, then this game would have been over at halftime.

This isn’t a new problem for this team.  They did the same thing last year at the Breslin and shot themselves out of the game early on.  This team is just in love with the perimeter game, but it is safe to say, it does not have one.

The big two, Davis and Ham, should take their cues from Kyle Hampton and Lamont Mask who are content to do their damage inside.  Despite these guy’s limited touches, they get buckets.  With the former’s athleticism, they could do even more damage.

The only guy that seems to have any acumen from deep for Bridgeport is junior Demascus Smith.  I saw him shoot all summer for the Mid-Michigan Lakers so I know he’s fine from there, and Thursday he was probably somewhere in the range of 33% from three [ball-park figure].

Also Neil Phelps did not play.  The 6’10” junior would have likely had some impact on this game.

Of course some credit has to go to Northwestern for the win.

Travon Mitchell was lights out from deep and closed the game out with a one-hander that put NW up by four with no time remaining — 29 points, 9 boards and 5 dimes on a bum ankle isn’t not bad.

Junior guards Jaylen Magee and Deandre Parks didn’t have as strong overall games as they have all season [Magee didn’t start], but their impact was noticed.  Magee was clutch hitting key shots throughout the game.  One a three before half time from NBA range, the other jumper with about 30 seconds remaining to put NW up by two.  Magee’s game kind of reminds me of Demetrius Miller – he’s money in transition and a better shooter than he’s given credit.  Magee and Parks are one deadly backcourt.

It’s also good to see some dawg back in Flint.  Mitchell and Magee are throwback players that could have played for the great teams in the 90s, not necessarily because of talent [although that wouldn’t be an issue], but for toughness on the court.

Caught half of the JV game and NW waxed the Bearcats.  I don’t know who the leading scorer was, but Flint Central transfer, Quamae Jones, a 6’3” junior, was unstoppable when he was in – seriously, it almost looked silly.  I’m a little surprised he’s not on varsity.

Gavin Raath


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