Is the Big Nine Michigan’s toughest conference?

Posted: December 24, 2009 by Gavin Raath in High School

By Gavin Raath

Illness kept me from attending Beecher/Southfield — Lathrup this past Tuesday [I must be going soft], but the game I should have gone to was in Flushing, between the Raiders and Saginaw Heritage.

Jared already commented earlier on the shocking win and the continued outstanding play of Luke Seibt, but I want to address the Big Nine…I feel stupid still calling it that,  conference.

Earlier in the year I stated that it was probably the toughest conference pound-for-pound, at least in mid-Michigan [if I say the whole state, a lunatic from Wyandotte will pester me to no end].

Flint Carman-Ainsworth and Flint Powers can play and thump anyone on any given night, just so long as C-A doesn’t play Clarkston, and that Flushing would be as good a middle-of-the-pack team as you will find.

But it turns out that Flushing is much better than a middle-of-the-road team.  That win over Saginaw Heritage would put them near the top of the Valley, which is consistently one of the best conferences in the state.

Credit Coach Brady Simons for turning this program back into relevancy.  His no name team with guys like Luke Seibt, Tyler Harris, Zach Treib and Kiontae Brown are much tougher than I thought.  One thing this team has is size.  If Treib can start utilizing that 6’6″ frame the way Harris and Seibt have their 6’4″ frames, then look out.

As for Davison, every conference is allowed its bottom-dweller.  When your only senior is a first-year varsity player, what do you expect?

  1. It Ain't Right says:

    just wait when Erick Layton comes up, kid will be a stud for Flushing

  2. Johnson says:

    I would love to see a Big 9 v CAAC-Blue Challenge. It seems that athletic directors should be good for something besides a set of keys. Come on ADs – make it happen!

  3. SBell says:

    Eh, not enough teams to even be considered a conference.

  4. Gavin Raath says:

    Well it is a conference and no team in the state could go undefeated through its schedule. Most teams have the luxury of playing two or three pillow soft teams in-conference to boost their win/loss columns. These teams don’t have that luxury. Davison and Flushing’s record will be miserable by season’s end.

  5. The Saginaw Valley will certainly ask to be considered for top conference….

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