2010: New year’s resolutions for ballers

Posted: January 3, 2010 by Jared Field in College, High School

Steve Finamore, the head coach of Jackson Community College, has a great post for the new year that all players need to read.

He has compiled several resolutions for the new year in his basketball blog that young players should take to heart.

I like number 5 the best:

5-Appreciate the opportunity to suit up (It’s an honor to step on the court and play the greatest game in the world. It’s not who you’re playing against or where you’re playing, most important is that YOU’RE PLAYING!)

Finamore is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate basketball coaches anywhere. To be honest, he’s probably the most prolific basketball writer in the state, and that’s saying something —  I write a little now and then.

Click here to read the rest…

  1. Coach Finamore is definitely one that loves what he does and does a fine job it. All players should remember to set goals for themselves, but also to remember this great saying from former Kansas City Chiefs footbal coach Herm Edwards, “A goal WITHOUT a plan is merely a wish.” Set goals, make plans to reach them, then execute.

  2. hoopscoach says:

    Thanks Jared and Marcellus. Appreciate the love.

    I think I love the game so much because I feel I missed out as a kid/teen because of distractions off the court.

    I don’t want to see our kids of today fall into the same trap.

    I wish kids all the best and please, always give your best on the floor!

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