Hell week for Hamady: BV, Bentley, next for Hawks

Posted: January 4, 2010 by Jared Field in High School
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Now we’ll really see what they’re made of.

This is the week for Flint Hamady to make the case that I’ve made for them. For them to be considered among the best (if not the best) team in class C in Michigan, they will need to make it through hell week — Saginaw Buena Vista and unbeaten Burton Bentley — unscathed.

I think the Hawks have more than enough in the tank to beat Bentley, a team that hasn’t really played anyone yet. Buena Vista is a bigger fish to fry, however.

The Knights have destroyed four of their five opponents, with their lone blemish coming against Warren De La Salle. They are coming off an impressive win over Ypsilanti at the Arthur Hill holiday tournament last month, and certainly aren’t going to be intimidated by any class C opponent.

They have two guards that can match up with Hamady’s Roy Jackson and Daryll Dixon, and then some. Junior George Goodman and senior Devonte Jackson are as good a guard combo as you’ll find in class C.

Hamady counters with their two scoring forwards, sophomore Quin Langston and junior Dominez Burnett, fresh off a deconstruction of class A Flint Southwestern. Those guys needs to have big games to for the Hawks to remain unbeaten.

I’d be nervous if I were Hamady Playing at BV is not for the faint of heart.

Prediction: Hamady by five over Buena Vista and by 20 over Bentley.

— Jared Field

  1. Pulley says:

    Sometimes you GLH writers are home team biased. FYI. Certainly you know more than I – but what support do you really give (have?) for choosing Flint Hamady? Your intuition? Your Instinct? A ranking? Buena Vista is clearly the favorite to win this contest, so based upon quality of opponents played and destroyed in no less a dramatic fashion than Hamady’s. Please, look it up, you shall see. Thanks for the air time.


    • Jared Field says:

      I think it’s going to be close. I think this is the only game Hamady has a legit shot at losing.

      I just think it will come down to the frontcourt. Home teams have good guards. I think BV has the edge in the backcourt and Hamady the edge in the frontcourt.

      • Pulley says:

        Okay, I dig that – I picked up on the two scoring forwards in your article. How do Ypsilanti and Freeland frontcourts compare to Hamady’s? Did the frontcourt win the game for Warren De La Salle? I will be presumptuous about Frankenmuth’s. Has Hamady’s frontcourt been tested, other than by Flint Southwestern? In other words, how are you confident that Hamady’s frontcourt will score?

      • Pulley says:

        Correction : Flint Team Biased not Home Team Biased

      • Southwestern did not test Hamady’s frontcourt at all as they are very weak in that area. They frankly haven’t been tested as SWA was the best team they have seen thus far and that’s not saying much…

      • Jared Field says:

        Burnett is a really good forward, averaging 24+ per game. Last I checked, BV doesn’t have anyone as versatile in their frontcourt.

        That being said, we’re talking about the third and fourth ranked teams in the state in class C. I hardly think anyone will be surprised if either wins.

        I think Goodman will probably be the best player on the floor.

        And don’t throw around the bias charge so flippantly. After all, I’m the guy that wrote the article claiming that Saginaw (not Flint or Detroit), was actually Michigan’s best basketball city.

  2. It Ain't Right says:

    If BV still has that white dude as their coach, then they are very poorly coached and I give the edge to Archie and Hamady

  3. IT IS WHAT IT IS says:


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