Remember the name: Delta’s Rahumus Wingard is the real deal

Posted: January 6, 2010 by Gavin Raath in College, High School
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By Gavin Raath

FLINT, Michigan — One thing I love about the junior college game is player development.

Players that may have been skinny or awkward in high school have a way of turning into something special after two years of lifting, listening and hustling on the court.  This is not across the board of course, but if a player takes the opportunity seriously, then he can exit his two years of junior college as a serious player.

When I think of guys that took basketball seriously, my mind immediately focuses on Mott’s Marcus Skinner a few years back who went on to play division one at Milwaukee – Wisconsin.  He went from a skinny high school workhorse, to brickhouse All-American in a matter of two years.

Another guy that comes to mind is Lansing’s Torrian Harris.  Harris didn’t play a ton at Saginaw High, but he was a thoroughbred at LCC.  There are few guys with better athleticism than Harris.  Harris took his game to division two Nebraska – Omaha after two years of maturity.

This year’s guy might just be Delta’s Rahumus Wingard.  Skinny and awkward as a high schooler at Bridgeport, I didn’t know what would become of Rahumus.  Josh Barnes and Jeremy Sewell got all the headlines back then, while Wingard played third or fourth fiddle.

But after two years, it is obvious that Rahumus has put in the work.

Wingard now sports a chiselled physique and is every bit as athletic as he looks.  And he has a pretty sick slashing game, but still needs some work on the three-ball.  As a legit 6’5″ wing, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see him land a division one scholarship for his efforts this year.

Editor’s note

I remember watching Rahumus Wingard at Bridgeport a few years back. He looked like a string bean. He was pretty athletic, a slinky scorer with a lot of potential just below the surface. His potential looked pretty kinetic on Wednesday night in Delta’s loss against Mott, though.

Wingard is now  a far cry from the slinky looking kid I saw playing at Bridgeport. I didn’t even have to ask what Wingard had been doing since I last saw him; it was obvious.

He went and got better. He spent time in the weight room and now looks like a legitimate next-level prospect. Against Mott, Wingard scored 25 points on 11-of-19 from the floor with two assists and two steals.

Of course he’s still a prospect, and not what I would consider a surefire D-1 guy just yet. He still needs to get a lot better defensively and attack the glass for rebounds. He has the body for it now, he just needs to get that in the brain.

  1. KCC12 says:

    He’s already committed to maryville. A D-2 in missouri

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