Prospect Rankings: 2010 Centers

Posted: January 8, 2010 by Gavin Raath in Rankings

I know it has taken some time, too much in fact, but the first installment of the state-wide GLH rankings are here.  We start off with the bigs.

1. Corey Petros [right] 6’10”  Utica Eisenhower – Oakland

It’s probably a down-year for centers in Michigan, but incredibly strong everywhere else.  But after looking over the list of next-level guys, my number one center prospect is Petros.  Long, with size for the position, plus he’s productive right now.  Oakland nabbed Michigan’s best center prospect and may have gotten a steal.

2. Nate VanArendonk  6’10”  Grand Haven – Central Michigan

He’s a big bodied guy that will be able to play some minutes at CMU.  Knows how to use his frame and isn’t exactly a stiff at the position the way so many are at this age.  When I first heard he got a mid-major scholarship, I thought it was a misfire for Zeigler, but then when I looked around at what was available, it actually sounds about right.

3. Brandon Crane  7’0”  Midland

He’s the tallest recruit so that’s vaults him up the charts alone.  Definitely a long-term prospect over a guy that can make a difference right away, but Crane is a hard worker so expect the long-term gamble to pay off.  Not a bad athlete for 7’0” and exceptional grades.

4. Devon Long  6’8”  Detroit Crockett – Cleveland State

Not ideal height for center, but his weight will keep him from keeping up with division one power forwards.  If he gets it under control, then he could definitely switch positions.  He’s a load inside that will find a way to contribute at Cleveland State.  Could potentially be another Ije Nwankwo.

5. Lucas Sorenson  6’11”  Clio — Davenport

Another “potential” guy on this list, although he’s already putting up some gaudy numbers this season.  He will be a monster at the NAIA level, and I’ll bet he’ll get bigger offers before the year is over.

6. Lucas Holt  6’9”  Spring Lake – Lake Superior State

Big bodied guy that is productive right now.  He’s about right with a division two scholarship.

7. Shane Tiemeyer  6’11”  Zeeland West

Like Crane and Sorenson, Tiemeyer’s best basketball is down the road.  Really long guy that doesn’t have a true center game, but his length doesn’t give him an option anywhere else.

8. Jarrell Pratt  6’9”  Detroit Cody

He’s been on the national radar for years for being tall early and out of Detroit.  Not a stellar athlete and not highly skilled, but a big body and likes to crash the boards.

9. Collin DeHaan  6’11”  Grandville

Yet another guy that will be picked up for potential.  Great size and got plenty of experience over the summer with the Grand Rapids Storm.  Basketball hasn’t always been his primary focus so he has his best ball ahead of him.

10. James MacDougle  6’8”  Mount Clemons

Good sized kid that is productive right now.  Will be able to contribute right away at the appropriate level program.

11. Jaylen Larry  6’7”  Flint Carman Ainsworth

12. James Suttles  6’8”  Lansing Sexton

13. Tyler Kruis  6’7”  Grandville Calvin Christian

14. John Hawkins  6’11”  Troy

15. Jake Silas  6’8”  Portland

16. Alex DeBack  6’8”  Charlotte

17. Josh Weatherspoon  6’6”  Holland

18. Jakob Holland  6’6”  Unionville – Sebewaing Area

19. Nico Rios  6’7”  Laingsburg

20. Steven Weber  6’6”  Ubly

  1. y says:

    Alex Gauna??….

  2. TC says:

    Have you ever watched Brandon Crane play? No way he should be #3

  3. Jared Field says:

    Yes I have. Numerous time. Keep in mind that this is a prospect list.

  4. Gavin Raath says:

    Yeah, I few Gauna as power forward at the next level. He’s too versatile offensively to be stuck in the post every possession.

    Crane is a potential guy. In two years at a low major, he could be Keith Benson. I know it’s a long shot, but Benson was probably worse than Crane in high school.

  5. TC says:

    I understand it’s a prospect list, but for the past 3-4 years it’s always “he has potentional” or “in a few years.” Guess i’m just not a believer.

  6. TC says:

    Hare and Costello are still growing…

  7. Hoopsguru says:

    What makes Costello “rare” is that from a “beef” stand point he already has some “size” to go along with his height. Tall young boys (6’8″ and taller) have a lot of height to move up and down and around the court and when they do not have the “size / beef” they do not have what is needed (muscle and mass) to move that height up and down and around the court. Not too many tall players get the beef as early as Costello is / has. That (IMO) makes him rare. With that being said Costello “may” reach his basketball potential quicker than Crane. Also worth mentioning is that when young tall boys start putting on the size / bulk, it often means they are done growing in height. Costello may not grow another inch. However with his skill set that is probably not a limitting issue – unless of course he was to become uncontrollably “thick / heavy” the next few years. But if that happens he could switch to football like Flint Carman / Ainsworth star hoopster from the early 1990’s (Jon Runyan) did. ANd heck that may end up being what Dee Chapman does.

  8. BVS says:

    NO 13 . Kruis has committed to D3 Calvin College

  9. george says:

    what are yall talking about costello is the skinnyest kid ever.

  10. doug tysse says:

    i am a big hope colledge fan just wondering how there recurint is going for next year and where to find the players that might go there

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