Don’t call it an upset: Bridgeport takes down Powers

Posted: January 12, 2010 by Gavin Raath in High School

By Gavin Raath

When I heard that two Breslin teams from last season, who return the players that got them there, were meeting up Tuesday night, it was a no-brainer for me to be there.  Apparently I was one of the few that felt that way.  I have never seen such a big game so poorly attended. 

Although it was probably a good thing for Powers’ fans to stay home since the Chargers got dogged by a better Bridgeport team, 58-53. 

Coach Kowalski really has this team clicking.  The tough early losses to Flint Northwestern and Saginaw Heritage have helped form this team into a contender again. 

Derrick Davis looked really poised running the point against Powers’ best defender, Pierre Brackett.  But after realizing that Davis could dominate inside, Coach Kowalski had junior Demascus Smith run the point while Davis brutalized the Chargers in the paint.  I’ve never seen Davis look better handling the ball, but the move to the post was probably the difference between a win and a loss Tuesday. 

Another thing Davis did that was key was lock up Patrick Lucas-Perry.  Davis took the wind out of the sails of the talented junior.  In fact, in the second half the point guard duties were deferred, for the most part, to DeMarco Sanders.  Weird. 

Demacus Smith played a very nice game for the ‘Cats, running the point against a fast and experienced team like Powers.  His value should only increase after performances like tonight. 

Perhaps the Bearcats’ biggest star was Darvin Ham.  Ham kept the 3-point jacking to a minimum, and shot a much higher percentage from there for it, but carved up the Chargers with his mid-range game.  He and Davis were nearly impossible for Powers to defend.

Really, the only Charger that showed up at all was DeMarco Sanders.  The senior drilled a ton of shots from all over the floor and was nearly flawless going to the basket, except for a couple of instances where Ham was waiting for him.  He scored 25 points tonight, but couldn’t get help from Powers’ two big-name guys — O’Brien and Lucas-Perry. Sanders continues to lead the team in scoring at nearly 20 points per game.

Patrick O’Brien really didn’t seem to get too many shots now that I think of it.  He looked fine overall, but struggled a little with the length of Kyle Hampton and Darvin Ham.  As I watched the undersized forward move around the court, I actually between to think that he could probably play a two at the next level.  Regardless of where he plays next year and at what position, Powers has to get him going to beat teams as good as Bridgeport. 

The guy that struggled the most for Powers was Patrick Lucas-Perry.  The last time I saw him he was pulling off brilliant performances against Detroit Country Day, and Zeeland East at the Breslin.  Tonight was a far, far cry from that.  He still looked quick, but missed a lot of gimmies, had a few costly turnovers and took some ridiculous shots.  Davis deserves a lot of kudos for his performance defensively. 

I think Powers will rebound and if sophomore Javontae Hawkins has become as good as everyone says, then that should be a nice shot in the arm for the Chargers when he becomes eligible; but, as of now, this once unbeatable team looks very beatable.  Based upon Tuesday night only one of these teams has any potential to return to the Breslin this year.

  1. Hoops24 says:

    Powers and Goodrich face each other in the first game of the districts again this year. With Goodrich’s size it seems like they would have a chance if they played today. Do you think Hawkins will make the difference once he in place?

    • Jared Field says:

      I don’t know if he will make “the” difference, but he’ll make “a” difference. The problem, of course, is that hawkins is like a tall guard instead of a someone to protect the basket and rebound — which is what they really need.

  2. Gavin Raath says:

    Yeah, Hawkins is supposed to be a really good player, but he’s not what Powers needs. They need Rodney Anderson to somehow find another year of eligibility.

    • Hoops24 says:

      well I don’t see a lot of confidence with those comments. Are you saying last years State Champs may lose the first game in Districts?

  3. Gavin Raath says:

    Well, the team I saw last night would probably lose to Goodrich. Goodrich has good enough guards to get the ball from point A to point B and their length would cause a lot of problems. Maybe Shane and Rodney meant more than I initially thought to this team.

  4. Ddawkins says:

    Patrick O’Brien looked like a role player in this game. I don’t see him playing NAIA. 6’4” Overweight post players don’t do that good in college.

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