Same old Dar Tucker: Can’t shoot, ‘but plays as if’ he can

Posted: January 12, 2010 by Jared Field in Professional
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I’m somewhat miffed by this analysis of D-Leaguer (and former Arthur Hill standout) Dar Tucker in Draft Express. The scout, Matt Kamalsky, refers to Tucker as an “intriguing” shooting guard prospect and in the same paragraph points out that he can’t shoot.

Here are the numbers: 37% from the field, 16% from 3-point range and 63% from the foul line.

Does that sound like a future NBA shooting guard to you? I mean, seriously, he’s out of college, in the D-League and still can’t shoot? How many guys in the NBA learned how to shoot after the age of 22?

From DraftExpress:

One of the more intriguing players here from a pure potential standpoint, Dar Tucker was fairly up and down in his two games at the Showcase, showing many of the problems that led to him being undrafted (by the NBA) this past summer. A super long and athletic undersized shooting guard, Tucker just doesn’t have a reliable jump shot, but plays as if he does

  1. PJR says:

    “just doesn’t have a reliable jump shot, but plays as if he does” …. That’s a great line! A lot of “star” players should read that line and take it to heart!

  2. Marcellus Miller says:

    Saw Sundiata Gaines playing for Utah last night…probably don’t know him I bet…started for Georgia for four years and couldn’t shoot. NBDL this year, signed to Utah. It can happen.

  3. SBell says:

    Didn’t now he got called up, Gaines had been tearing up the “D.”

  4. Marcellus Miller says:

    Just called up yesterday Steve. And true, he did stay 4 years, J.

  5. wait a minute says:

    Manny is a better shooter than Dar cause he uses the Beilien ball.

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