HUH? Try to make sense of the latest AP poll

Posted: January 14, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

Does it make sense to anyone that Detroit Pershing is ranked no. 1 in the latest class A poll? The no. 2-ranked team, Romulus, is undefeated and BEAT Detroit Pershing.

This makes it difficult to take the poll seriously.

Class A

 1. Detroit-Pershing 

 2. Romulus

 3. Saginaw-Arthur Hill

 4. Warren De La Salle

 5. Kalamazoo Central

 6. Detroit-Cody

 7. Clarkston

 8. Holt

 9. Okemos

10. Flint-Carman-Ainsworth 

Others receiving votes: Wayland Union 14, Lansing-Eastern 13, Belleville 13, Detroit-Southeastern 13, Detroit-Martin Luther King 12, Grand Rapids-Christian 8, Grand Rapids-Ottawa Hills 7, Grand Haven 7, Detroit-Cass Technical 7, Saginaw 7, Flint Northwestern Prep Academy 7, Rockford 5, Rochester-Adams 4, Hudsonville 4, Ann Arbor-Huron 3, Detroit-Henry Ford 1, Flint-Northern 1, Taylor-John F Kennedy 1.

  1. It Ain't Right says:

    Who the hell voted for Northern?

  2. C'Mon Son says:

    Really Northern???? Come on now, They have lots of potential but is no where close to being a top 10 team in the state.

  3. Isn’t this some of the same people who were on here arguing that Northern’s coaching was the worst ever because they had SO much talent? Now we are arguing that they are “no where close”? Which is it? LOL…

    • It Ain't Right says:

      They do have a lot of talent, but their coaching is so bad that they don’t deserve a vote. Maurice Jones is an amazing player, but to think you can just man him up all game and not play dribble gaps is terrible…. MCCallum will have 60 against Northern… okay maybe 40

      • Question for you…did the coaches not coach that, or did the players not execute it because they may not be that good?

      • It is easy to say what a team should do, but unless they do it, they all look bad. Bear in mind also that it was a three-point game at halftime and the officials were perhaps the worst they could be with Northern’s second best player saddled with cheap fouls throughout…just a thought..

      • wait a minute says:

        Why not try to make someone else beat you. Jones had 35 going into the 4th, and was even asking Northern’s coach who else he was going to put on him. He didn’t even take a shot in te 4th QTR cause he said it was too easy. He prolly could have scored 50 if he wanted.

      • I don’t think there was anything wrong with Northern’s coaching strategy in that game. Jones had 35, no one else from Arthur Hill really hurt them. The game was close and competitive until the late third.

        As Marcellus mentioned, the free throw disparity was really questionable — it was an extremely physical game on both sides — there shouldn’t have been that big a difference in foul calls.

        And Williams-Taylor only played a few minutes, but Arthur Hill had nothing for him. If he could’ve stayed out of foul trouble, it would’ve caused some matchup problems.

        Arthur Hill played well, as they always do. The difference was essentially free throws and Jones’ ability to shoot the three. The rematch should be a good game.

      • It Ain't Right says:

        They only play them once this year…

        it’s not very smart to go on a website that all your players go on and say that they aren’t very good like you just did… but my answer to your question is that the coaches did not coach that and if they did then they did a terrible job at it.

      • The fortinate thing for me is that I am very smart, but more imprtantly very real. A real coach will tell his players what are their strengths and weaknesses are, not cover them up that people around them can make them believe they are greater as a UNIT than they really are…yet. I know what I am doing and until you sit in the seat, you will never know. I also said that they “may not be that good..” and that was in reference to the specific assignment that was in question. It is those such as yourself that twist the words that get into the boys’ heads and make them believe things outside of what they are being coached to do and even could affect their ability to do them. You ever consider that?

        Further, Jones only had 16 going into the 4th quarter and 19 in the 4th. He did not say anything to the opposing coach until the post game handshake…why would you even put that on that kid. He doesn’t have to say anything because his game was enough. To assert that he took no shots in the 4th is funny. Somehow he got the nineteen. I guess I don’t now how…I love how people make this stuff up. If it were so easy, he wouldn’t have missed the number of shots that he did, trust me, he is that good.

      • It Ain't Right says:

        It’s cool man, there is always a future in writing

      • True…or in my two other businesses…good thing I don’t depend on coaching for survival…lol!

      • It Ain't Right says:

        Good luck with your businesses, what happened to city beat? I liked that section of glh

      • Citybeat will be back soon….

  4. bbfan says:

    I see a lot of complaining about Pershing being ranked a head of Romulus but where is the same outrage with SAH being ahead of De La Salle. Plus they have two losses.

  5. Williford says:

    I’m still proud to see Flint teams in the mix.

  6. SBell says:

    Don’t know about AP voters, but in my rankings I have Arthur Hill ahead of DLS because Jones only played one quarter in that game, and DLS has basically played a Class C schedule (TCSF, BV, Consortium).

  7. eye witness says:

    It Is What It Is, you still havent said where you have coached and who you have coached. It is crystal clear you are just a hater. You are the guy that has applied for several jobs and havnt gotten any (not qualified), you always give a baseless opinion with no facts. I think Pookie is averaging 30 points a game so is everyone’s game plan wrong. Persing is ranked high and he gave them 49, did they have the right game plan. You are stupid and your opinions are worthlesss, I wasn’t going to go there but it’s clear you just dont like Nothern or its coaches. Your not a fan, It’s personnal and you should take that up with who you have the probelm with. Oh yea your spineless hiding behind a screen name. And if your wondering who I am my name is Larry Brown, and if you need to see me, maybe you should actully attend a Northen game. And for waite a minute your stupid too. To post something you know nothing about. Do you guys just read post and then make a stupid comment. And for the record I’m not a Northern fan or a fan of Tucker but to bash there program with a baseless opinion is just stupid. Northern doesn’t have one of the top teams in the area and it has very little to do with the coaching, the coaching plays a part, but I haven’t seen one game where the coach has played. Get a clue fella’s players win games, and players make coaches.

    • It Ain't Right says:

      you’re the idiot man, I only rip Northern because they should be a lot better, they have some solid players… I forgot more about basketball than you know. You keep asking where I coach and this garbage, but it doesn’t matter you have never coached a team, stop being a hypocrite… I care just as much about who you are just as much as what’s in the toilet after I stand up.

  8. eye witness says:

    Like I said before your a coward hiding behind a screen name, you know nothing about the game. Every team in the area has some good players, so you sound real stupid, are you on CA right now because they got blow out yesterday. Or Powers because they also lost the other day. Or Hamady because yea blow out the other day. You may have forgot more than I know about the game but you know nothing. And anyone who values your opinion is just as stupid as you. I thought when i first started blogging that you where someone with an open mind but I have since learned your just an a__/ get a clue buddy your opinion is worthless.

    • It Ain't Right says:

      lol LB why so upset? It’s cool man you love Northern. I just want to see them do good and they will not ever be good with their current coach. That’s my opinion, I never said you had to agree with it. I’m sorry you go and watch Northern play every game… that is terrible, I feel sorry for you… maybe if you go and watch other teams play you wouldn’t be such a sourpuss.

  9. eye witness says:

    Maybe if you came to a game you would have a honest opinion, your opinion is based on a personnal feeling did the coaches still your girlfriend or something oh no they have the job that you cant get(lol) it’s ok i do understand. Take your ball and go home . Go find a coaching job or any job.

  10. eye witness says:

    Whatever base your opinion on something other than your personnal opinion. And maybe you can get your girlfriend back lol.

  11. It Ain't Right says:

    Go get your GED and maybe you can learn how to type and speak proper English

  12. eye witness says:

    Like i thought, just a coward, base your opinion on something and furthermore I don’t need a GED i make about $120,000 a yr, do you need a little help to pay your way into a game.

  13. eye witness says:

    And I’ve been reading your blogs, and excuse me but your blogs are nowhere near perfect, and you have the nerve to talk about someone else. I didn’t know it was a english paper. Prof read your own stuff and you will laugh at yourself.

  14. eye witness says:

    Im a fan so I, will watch alot of teams, and I will form a true opinion because I, can afford to go watch them live, and not waite to read a post thank you.

  15. waddmanjm says:

    At least the champion will be decided on the court. Everybody has a chance to win the crown. In the end the polls will be something that was used for fodder.

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