Game without the name: Unsung standouts from Lansing showcase

Posted: January 17, 2010 by Gavin Raath in High School

Of course everyone was there to see the Hentons, Horfords, McCunes et al., but for this post I’m going to discuss some of the lesser known guys that stood out on Saturday at Lansing Eastern.

Jimmie Cotter, a 6’5″ Grand Ledge junior, has some serious game.  The combo forward can do a little bit of everything and is a great second-scorer to big Jon Horford.  He and 6’5″ junior Jason Morrall will be a fantastic forward tandem next year.

Cameron Sanchez, a 6’1″ Eastern senior, showed some immense ability going to the basket unveiling a couple of up-and-unders against the long Comets defense.  Sanchez with his size and athleticism would make a great point guard at the next level.

A lot of credit has to be given to Sanchez’s teammate Alfonso Hernandez for Eastern’s win.  The 6’2″ junior did his best impression of Anthony Hamo from Flint Powers a few years back, draining threes and just plain having a nose for the hoop from in close.

And I know everyone talks about Devin Oliver as the man at Kalamazoo Central, but opponents probably need to be more aware of juniors Terry Buchanan and Dyland Hughes.  Buchanan and Hughes are physically imposing wings that can do a little bit of everything.  They pushed Saginaw to the limit Saturday.

Saginaw got some great play from bench guys like 6’5″ junior Travion Babers and 6’2″ senior Taron Boose.  I’m not sure if Coach Dawkins can keep these guys out of the starting line-up for too much longer.

I have a fervent belief that Saginaw Buena Vista has the state’s fastest backcourt with Devonte Jackson and George Goodman, but Saginaw’s duo, of DeAnthony Arnette and Gregory Hayes, is a close second.  Those guys can fly at break-neck speed.

I can’t say much about the Doughboys without including Appling or Juwan Howard, who I would take over Devin Oliver for the record, but one guy for the future is 6’3″ sophomore Sherron Dorsey-Walker.  He could be the next great player at Pershing.

This is the smallest, yet the toughest DCD team I have seen, probably ever.  Call it addition by subtraction I guess.  McCallum is breathtaking, but guards Chris Fowler, Lee Bailey and Mr. Three-ball Mahesh Umasankar kept DCD balanced all night.  Take your time healing up Amir.  These guys are just fine playing small ball.

And for the record, Eastern’s Charles Tucker is the best freshman point guard that I’ve seen this year.  The 5’11” guard is a true floor general and a natural athlete.  Pershing’s Kahil Felder is close behind Tucker.  He started at the point for the Doughboys and held up nicely against the DCD guards.  This 2013 class of guards is the deepest I have ever seen.  I still think East Lansing’s Steve Haney is the best freshman overall, but for point guard, these are my guys.

Gavin Raath

  1. MG13 says:

    Where is the guy at that wrote that Eastern would finish at the bottom of their conference and LaDontae Henton had peaked too early?

    • Jared Field says:

      Eastern looked good on Saturday. Although, Grand Ledge isn’t very good.

      Henton had a nice game, but he is nowhere near where I thought he would be. I bought into the freshman year hype like a lot of people. He’s just not athletic enough to be an impact player in a major conference.

  2. Alex says:

    Agree with 2013 guard class, tons of small sub 6 foot guards, including probably the best of that small guard crop, Charles Tucker. Also agree Steve Haney is hands down best Freshman in the state, everyone says the Magic cousin thing is over hyped and then he goes into Magic Johnson gym as a 6’5″ 14 yr old and put up 21 points 13 rebounds and 7 assists.

  3. Jared Jackson says:

    What about that Garza kid from Lansing Christian he didnt score to much the other day against Oak Park but he handled himself at the Point looking like some of the best in the Lansing Area

  4. Alex says:

    ….Haney Jr last night – 25 points against Dewitt…20 in the second half….

    Jared you are right. I have seen Garza kid play and is a very solid nice pg. Tucker played real well last night too…good young talen in Lansing right now.

  5. Jared Jackson says:

    Yeah I heard that Garza is getting some D3 looks like Albion and some juco glen oaks and such….is there any news on that..and cha cha is going to be really really good once his body fills in and that jumper comes around

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