No surprise – Powers buries Davison…

Posted: January 23, 2010 by Gavin Raath in High School

Not for one second did I think Davison had a prayer against Powers Friday night, but I was intrigued to see if the Cardinals had improved.  Despite losing by close to 1000 points, I can safely say that Davison is getting better. 

With only three seniors, and only one of them truly productive in first year varsity player Kyle Landis, it’s tough to expect greatness or even a .500 season.  But what Davison has is a few nice future. 

Some talk revolved around 6’4” freshman Mitchell Rubio and while he’s not physically ready for varsity play, he is going to be extremely good.  He possesses good touch with the ball around the hoop and can handle the rock as well as most freshmen point guards.  The 2013 class is even deeper at Davison when you consider the JV’s two top players are arguably 6’2” freshman wing Joey Thwing and 6’3” post Max McCombs. 

The sophomore class could provide a nice compliment in the future with point guard Cody Wangler.  Wangler is far and away the best passer this team has, and may be the school’s best point guard since Danny Thwing.  Wangler’s pinpoint passes gave Davison most of its point in the first half.

Another sophomore, Lance Arnold, a 6’2” forward, showed a ton of promise from the free throw line and in.  He has a nice spin move that got him to the hoop with ease and has a strong enough build to bang with upper classmen. 

Add all of those guys next season with returning seniors like Jake Thompson and Branden Hendershot, solid role players, and Davison may be able to meet .500. 

Here’s a quick run-down on how Powers looks. 

Javontae Hawkins, 6’4” sophomore transfer, wowed the crowd with a couple of second-half dunks.  He doesn’t have the three-ball that made his name last season with Beecher, clanking at least three, but he’s now stronger, more coordinated and extremely athletic.  He may look awkward, but he’s not.  He can go to the rack, finish with ease or power his way through defenders for dunks.  Pretty impressive skill-set for a sophomore.  Expect big things, but another good wing isn’t exactly what Powers needs. Especially when their best post is obsessed with shooting threes.

Patrick O’Brien is starting to look like Darvin Ham did at the start of the season, settling for outside shots.  O’Brien has a nice stroke from deep, but has been cold a couple of times this season.  Besides, Powers already has plenty of shooters and rather needs a guy that can bang inside.  He’s probably gearing up for next year when he will have to play outside due to his height, but right now Powers needs to win and that means playing inside more against great teams.  I guess there was no real threat with Davison, but those missed three-pointers may have cost Powers their first loss to CA. 

Patrick Lucas-Perry also had a nice game.  I’m not one of the many that believe he is high-major, but he obviously has a place at the next level and he’s close to being as good as it gets in the high school game.  I can’t say that I see much improvement from last year though.  He’s still fast as lightning, but isn’t finishing at the rim the way high major players are supposed to.  Part of that is because of a lot of his shots were forced and his shot is just okay to begin with.  The most telling sign for me was when he struggled with a long and athletic guard like Derrick Davis in Powers most recent loss.  Still, he’s the second best junior point guard I have seen in Michigan, besides Carlton Brundidge, and has a lot of basketball ahead of him to get to high major status. 

Despite all the ink attributed to O’Brien and Lucas-Perry, the best player this season for Powers has been DeMarco Sanders.  He quietly leads Powers in scoring with just over 20 ppg and he’s the only guy that is consistent from game to game.  He scored 18 on probably 10 or 11 attempts and several of those shots should have come with a trip to the free throw line.  He was the first Charger yanked early in the third, while Lucas-Perry and O’Brien stayed on the floor when Powers was up by well over 20. 

I really like Powers role players too.  Pierre Brackett, Danny O’Brien, Vince Adams and Daniel Meissner will all be extremely valuable as the season progresses and should be stars in years to come.  Powers will be around for quite a while.

— Gavin Raath

  1. coach says:

    How good is Demarco and How good can Demarco be ?

  2. Gavin Raath says:

    Well, DeMarco is probably high level division two to low division one material. He already has offers from several good division twos from what I understand. I spoke to a representative to Ferris State recently who said they had offered a while back and apparently Grand Valley State and a few others are in the mix.

    He’s consistent every game. Very quick, smooth, efficient, and fast up and down the court in transition. Improving defender and actually a pretty good passer. Nice two guard height at a legitimate 6’2″.

    • Richard Dawkins says:

      I agree with most of this article but Daniel Meissner is really weak. PLP is forcing shots. You can’t blame the CA loss on him cause he was shooting poor

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