Powers back on top: The Flint-area’s top 10 teams

Posted: January 26, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

1.) Flint Powers: Dominated Carman-Ainsworth earlier this month to make their early-season loss to the Cavs null and void.

2.) Flint Northwestern: They just keep winning. Jaylen Magee is turning into a big-time scorer for the Wildcats. They play Saginaw Buena Vista on Friday — look out.

3.) Goodrich: The Martians have a meeting with Flint Hamady coming up to prove that they, and not the Hawks, are the GAC’s best.

4.) Flint Carman-Ainsworth: Good teams just can’t lose by 30.

5.) Flint Hamady: The Hawks have played two good teams this season and lost both times. 

6.) Grand Blanc: The Bobcats are solid all-around and undefeated in conference.

7.) Flint Northern: Lost four games in a row before beating hapless Flint Southwestern.

8.) Beecher: Buctown will be ready, as always, come March.

9.) Fenton: The best team in a really weak  (though competitive) Metro League. Even so, I’d be surprised if they beat Holly next time around. Transfer Thomas Lovachis is a difference-maker.

10.) Holly: See #9.

  1. linman says:

    Metro is weak. I think part of the reason is the kids can’t develop because the whistle blows every 20 seconds. Go watch a Metro game and watch the officials take over the game. They love officiating Metro games because they can control the show. The game never speeds up. The same officials know they can’t blow the whistle with a Flint team or a SVL team because they would run them out of the gym. Its so blatant when they are trying to keep a bad team in the game, embarrasing for the league.

  2. WalterH says:

    Goodrich #3 and ahead of Grand Blanc. Hmmm. Goodrich has played two good teams all year (GB and Pontiac) and lost both. They have only two wins against a team with a winning record and that was Class C Beecher (twice). They have wins against Ortonville, Durand, and Davison who have a combined total of 3 wins on the season. That’s right – 3 wins out of about 30 games! Nice schedule. Put them after GB – where they belong!

    • Jared Field says:


      It’s hard to disagree with you, but keep this in mind: These rankings are based solely on how I believe teams are playing right now. Goodrich would probably be ranked 4th or 5th except that they SMASHED Beecher earlier this month by 25.

      That, to me, is proof-positive that they are playing really well right now. It was the Bucs’ worst loss of the season, and they’ve played Flint Northern, Flint Northwestern and Southfield Lathrup.

      Also, now that I think about it, Grand Blanc should be ahead of Hamady. I already have buyer’s remorse.

      The thing that troubles me about Grand Blanc is that 20-point home loss to Carman-Ainsworth.

      • blaze22 says:

        gb loss at home was only by 10, i think you’re refering to the road game at CA but all the same it was ugly

    • Hoops24 says:

      I agree WalterH… even though I feel Goodrich was a better team and would beat GB more often than not, you can’t dispute they did lose head to head.

  3. greg johnson says:

    I believe you are somewhat correct, but; in the Metro and GAC that is how the coaches and fans want the game called. Have never seen where coaches and fans literally cry for every bump to be called. There never seems to be a flow to the game.

  4. Marceil says:

    Jaylen Magee has always been a big time scorer. He is just now getting the chance to do his thing. He and Dre Parks can shoot the lights out.

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