Tuesday night’s storylines: UM/MSU game a dud, until the end

Posted: January 27, 2010 by Jared Field in College, High School

Here are some of Tuesday night’s storylines…

Last night’s game between UM and MSU in Ann Arbor was a real dud, at least until the end. Before Kalin Lucas’ game winning shot with three seconds left, it was 39 minutes of ugly basketball. It’s clear that neither of these teams can shoot the ball. The teams were a combined 9-for-41 from 3-point range. Heck, Michigan’s guard shot a combined 3-for-21. The worst news for MSU fans is that Michigan shot 24 percent from 3-point range and 32 percent from the field and still SHOULD HAVE WON THE GAME. That’s pathetic for the no. 5-ranked team in the nation.

— And one more thing. Be honest: Did you see any player on that floor last night that even resembled an NBAer? I mean, Kalin Lucas hit the big shot, but does he look like an NBA point guard to you? What about Manny Harris? Is he going to get those buckets in the NBA against better defenders who know he can’t shoot? Doubtful. What about Deshawn Sims air-balling a 3-pointer late in the game? Smoke and mirrors, folks.

— How good is Saginaw Buena Vista? Well, let’s just say that they were up 39 points after three quarters last night against Sanford-Meridian, a team I had ranked 10th in the tri-cities and had been ranked in the top 10 in the state in class C by the AP just a few weeks back. I guess the Jack Pine Conference really is what we thought it was. BV’s George Goodman was unstoppable. He had 26 points. I can’t wait to see him square off against Northwestern’s Jaylen Magee on Friday night.

— MSU-bound shooting guard Keith Appling scored 35 points as Detroit Pershing bested rival Detroit Southeastern in motown’s marquee matchup Tuesday afternoon. Then, as is his way, Appling starting doing his own PR work in the Free Press. Another MSU signee, Eaton Rapids’ Alex Gauna, had a huge night against Portland: 31 points and 10 rebounds.

— Holt’s Cole Darling had a near triple-double last night in a win over Lansing Everett: 27 points, 12 rebounds and nine blocks. What has happened to Everett? They scored 10 points in the second half and finished with 28.

  1. PJR says:

    Just a bad game due to a bad start for Sanford. Although Bohn sounds a bit depressed in this article:


    But he’ll recover. Let’s not forget last year Sanford too BV to triple overtime in one of the year’s most exciting games. Jack Pine’s a small school solid league, and Sanford will likely get another shot at BV in playoffs, where Bohn will have his fellas better ready for the shock and awe start, and it’ll likely be different.

  2. PJR says:

    Hard to defend but again, compare last year’s outing to this year. Sanford is not that bad, and has some real good talent. This is just a terrible outing. Chalk this up to something similar to Powers vs Flint CA close game followed by fiasco, only the predicion is this time the 2nd game fiasco happens first and the 1st game may happen second in playoffs!

  3. Sorry dude, but Lucas is a legit NBA prospect. Most mocks have him as late first round. If Jonny Flynn is a NBA point guard, Kalin Lucas certainly is. He’s already better than Eric Maynor as well, and Maynor is seeing legit burn on a playoff team as a backup to Westbrook in OKC.

    • Jared Field says:

      Care to put a wager on that? I say he doesn’t get drafted in the first round. No way.

    • PJR says:

      Neitzel was actually higher in mock drafts than Lucas has been. Lucas plays worse defense than Neitzel, can’t pass as well as Neitzel, and can’t shoot as well as Neitzel, and is even smaller than Neitzel. Neitzel got the nicety of a summer pro league but ended up in Euroball where he just got cut, for not being able to guard any opponent PG! Lucas would get scorched in the pros, period! Forgitaboutit!

  4. KCC12 says:

    Will tory jackson play in the nba?

    • Jared Field says:

      Tory would be more of a shock, though I really like him as a player.

      • PJR says:

        Actually not more of a shock because he has two things Lucas doesn’t: 1) plays better defense, and 2) penetrates and dishes to set up his teammates. So while he’s on the outside looking in and it would be a shock, less of a shock than Lucas actually.

  5. Ddawkins says:

    Are you guys blind? He just hit two game winners in a row on the road. Lucas can play in the league. He has more potential then most PG prospects out there, besides Wall, because of his speed and athleticism. His shot is getting better and better. His assists are also low because of bad FG% by state as a team.

    • Exactly. He’s shooting seven percent better from the floor this season compared to last.

      And NBA teams don’t draft guys because they are great defenders. Lucas has the tools to be a good defensive player — quickness and strength for his size. Defense in the NBA is about effort, which can be taught. His speed can’t be taught.

      And comparing Drew Neitzel to Lucas as a NBA prospect is crazy. I never saw a mock draft that had Neitzel as a potential first rounder ever.

      • PJR says:

        Once again, shooting is not the concern. “It’s the defense stupid!”. Lucas can’t stop anyone. Who the hell is Lucas gonna cover? Even a short guy like Stuckey would score 100 points on him, first half! And for the record per this idea that Lucas’ offense is good enough to justify him in the NBA there’s a hundred guys just as quick that are lots taller than Lucas that can shoot a hell of a lot better, and create and get an actual jumper off OVER someone one on one. There’s no Izzo offense in the NBA fellas! And for those that think Lucas is better than Neitzel you’re out to lunch. Lucas IS NOT a better offensive impact at guard than Neitzel was, period! And you can see where Neitzel’s better offense got him with zero defense!

      • You’re right that there is no Izzo offense and that’s why Neitzel was not a prospect. The NBA is all one-on-one until help comes or doesn’t come and then making the right decision. That starts with beating that first man off the dribble. Lucas can do that, Neitzel needed screens. Defense is an option for MOST NBA guards (Jennings, Nash, Iverson, Boykins, etc.). Why don’t we just take the wait and see approach.

  6. PJR says:

    Wait And See for Lucas PJR can live with, but sure fire first round pick is not. Lucas is quick but not a create/moves guy, and uses as many picks if not more than Neitzel. Lucas’ drives involve limited finishing capability and a whole lotta jumping into big guys to get to the FTN. As Izzo’s favorite son and choreographed POY (when defacto all know Suton was team MVP for cripes sakes!) the Big Ten refs do their marketing job and give it to Lucas, but that ain’t happening in the NBA and it’s then a TO. IF, and that’s a big IF, Lucas bears down on defense, he has a longshot at NBDL. But you fellas just gotta realize reality, there’s a hundred guys like Lucas who are taller and can shoot better and distribute better AND play defense! So Wait and See? Okay then!

  7. PJR says:

    Above meant “FT” as in Free Throw, not “FTN”. Just couldn’t help putting that “N” in off the end! HA!! Small guys gotta play defense, period!!

  8. Ddawkins says:

    PJR, you seem to know a lot man. Did you play basketball anywhere in college?

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