A tale of two athletes: Doug Anderson and Jason Richardson

Posted: January 29, 2010 by Jared Field in High School
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Here’s an interesting read from Hotbed Hoops about the similarities between Mott freshman Doug Anderson and former MSU star Jason Richardson.

Here’s the gist: “Simply put, there are few guys at any level of basketball who can match his shear athletic gifts. The closest comparison I can make to him athletically is a young Jason Richardson.”

My take:  I watched both of these players in high school and, I must admit, I couldn’t agree more. If I were to compare the two during their early days, I must say that Anderson was a little more physically imposing. In terms of hops, Anderson gets the nod there, too, if only by a little. Where the story is told, however, is in skill. Anderson lacks the skill that Richardson brought to college, as meager as it was, and has a long way to go toward development into an all-around player. He is, however, in the right program if history is any indicator.


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