Judge for yourself: Video of Midland’s 7-footer Brandon Crane

Posted: February 2, 2010 by Jared Field in High School
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Watch Midland’s Brandon Crane online…

A lot has been made of Midland’s 7-foot center Brandon Crane over the past three seasons. I’ve always been on the “wait and see” side of things with Crane and, now that he’s a senior, I’m glad that I didn’t misconceive his lack of domination in the Valley as harbinger of his future prospects.

In short (now that’s ironic), I think he’s actually turned into a good player. He’s still not a dominant scorer, but he’s shown the ability to block shots in bulk in the Valley. In the game I’ve linked at the top of this post, Crane had 11 blocks and 13 points. Judge for yourself.

  1. PJR says:

    Athletic and coordinated for a 7 footer, but still a puppy body wise and gets knocked around. Folks are always waiting for meat on the bones with tall fellas in high school, but more often than not, with due attention to Herzog, the good ones never get it until college days, and the beefy ones typically struggle with too much beef post high school. I noted Steve Bell past reports with Crane doing well vs other top statewide 6’8″+ height. So who’s recruiting Crane now? Got a list of schools?

  2. Hoopsguru says:

    He had 19 points 7 rebounds and 4 blocks in a 12 point loss to Arthur Hill last night. Hill’s Hare could not guard him.

    • Erving Johnson says:

      Coordinated, what are you blind? He is clumsy and uncoordinated, they should have bought new uniforms instead of giving the freak a uniform.

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