Shaq Smith gets best of Patrick Lucas-Perry in battle of Flint’s top two juniors

Posted: February 2, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

Shaquille Smith takes it to the rack against Flint Powers Tuesday night.

FLINT, Michigan — There was really only one reason for anyone to pay close attention to Tuesday night’s game between Flint Northern and Flint Powers. Since no one really thought the Vikings could beat Powers, the consensus top team in the Flint-area, all the intrigue that was left sat upon the shoulders of junior guards Shaquille Smith and Patrick Lucas-Perry — the top two junior guards in the area.

Well, Northern won in a squeaker 68-65 and the game within the game was not very close. Smith got the best of PLP in all facets of the game. He has another gear in transition and showed the ability to make plays for his teammates that many, myself included, often questioned.

I love this kid’s disposition. He’s the unassuming player who’s just one dribble-drive away from cutting your heart out.

Smith finished with 13 points on seven shot attempts and six assists. He had a few blow-by moves in transition that Lucas-Perry simply doesn’t have in his repertoire.

Lucas-Perry finished with six points including 4-for-9 from the foul line. He was defended for more the half the game by freshman point guard Richmond Lewis who, incidentally, is really (really, really) good. Lewis, in spite of a few freshman mistakes (including terrible shot in the game’s final 90 seconds), might just be the second- best point guard prospect in his class behind Lansing Eastern’s Charles Tucker Jr. Lewis is extremely poised with the ball and has a penchant for making the eye-popping assist (or turnover) like former Viking Carlos Benton.

Lewis, who started for the Vikings,  had eight points and four assists in the game. Lewis had a much more difficult time checking Powers’ senior guard Demarco Sanders. The leading scorer in the Flint-area had 20 in the game including 12 in the first half to prevent the Chargers from getting blown out.

Northern was up 13 points near the end of the third quarter and fought off a fourth quarter run led by Patrick O’Brien. The senior forward was under lock and key in the first half, thanks to the play of Northern senior Gerald Williams-Taylor. O’Brien exploded in the fourth and finished the game with 17 points. Williams-Taylor, the most improved player in the city this season, had 14 points and took three charges. Oh, and he made all the free throws.

The unsung hero for Northern was junior forward Dalvin David who scored 14 points with six rebounds. He’s a solid all-around player and a nice compliment to 6-7 senior shotblocker Darrell Williams.

  1. I have to say it…Patrick O’Brien is a very talented shooter, but he didn’t do much more than make jumpers tonight. However, he has to be one of the dirtiest players around. I am a HUGE fan of doing whatever it takes to win, but I draw the line at blatant elbows. Williams-Taylor had a bloody lip, bruised sternum, and narrowly avoided the knockout elbow to that temple in the first half. O’Brien also resorted to an old-school tactic of pinching the opponent to bother them and distract them. By the way, Danny O’Brien may be even worse.

    That said, this was a terrific game for Northern and a great 4th quarter overall as Powers made a furious rally. Some things I don’t understand though; why won’t Coach Herman play Vince Adams? Fact is, PLP was playing terribly and Adams got a bucket as soon as soon as he touched the floor. Seconds later, PLP was back in. Why did Powers go away from Sanders in the second half? Northern thanks you for that one. Why is a ball not out of bounds when it hots the wire above the basket? Simple call refs. Why can’t Northern play that intensely every game? Only they know…

    • Jared Field says:

      Yeah, the O’Briens are bruisers for sure. The one referee had to warn Danny in the first half.

      Northern played well, which has to be frustrating because they could do that every game.

      • PJR says:

        One has to ask why the Powers coach is allowing dirty play from his players. If it’s that obvious and that repetative and refs are warning his players in games, then he certainly knows about it! SHAME!

      • Probably the same reason the New Orleans Saints coach wants his players to get “remember me” shots on opposing QB’s, that is, to dispell the idea of the team being soft. Powers had that rep coming into the season as well and seem to want to rid themselves of it.

      • Dean Oakwood says:

        Yeah but in football, you are allowed to hit the quarterback (to a point).

        I’m pretty sure that you aren’t allowed to pinch opponents or throw ‘bows at people’s faces.

        Doesn’t suprise me that he’s acting that way. I was a volunteer assistant 2 summers ago at The Cage and our team played O’Brien’s team. He was dirty and was even mocking our head coach who was yelling out instructions during the game. Of course his coach didn’t say anything to him.

        I’ve seen him play a few times since then and thought that he had matured, but apparently he resorts to his dirty ways when the game is in doubt or they’re losing.

      • Jared Field says:

        I’ve probably watched Patrick O’Brien as much as anyone the last three years, and I haven’t really seen anything over the top.

        He’s tough and extremely physical. He’s actually kind of a throwback to when city basketball was chock-full of tough-minded and tough-bodied players.

        That being said, there’s a point at which it does become unsportsmanlike.

      • Marcellus Miller says:

        I guess it is all a matter of perspective…

  2. Frustrating indeed…that’s putting it mildly.

  3. The Ball says:

    I knew Richmond Lewis had that n him the whole time. That’s what I have been trying to tell everybody..
    On top of that Lewis wasn’t a 100 percent he was hurtting over half of the game.. And he still managed to put PLP on lock down..

  4. It Ain't Right says:

    I wasn’t at the game, but did powers play man?

  5. […] Rankings Shaq Smith gets best of Patrick Lucas-Perry in battle of Flint’s top two juniors […]

  6. The Ball says:

    Is Shaq and Richie in the top backcourt now?

  7. The Ball says:

    Smith and Lewis did the samething. As soon as they put Lewis in the starting line up they beat one of the best teams in the state. That say a lot right there.

  8. eye witness says:

    Guess the players won that one, not the coaches. Funny how no one said good job for the coaches. Congrats to the Northern team. Great job to everybody, keep it going. Great win.

  9. coach says:

    Sanders had 21 pts is he the best player in the area

    • Marcellus Miller says:

      Who did he lock up against Powers when they played mostly man-to-man according to the coach? I’m just not sure how one could tell that when they play so much zone. I don’t know how any Cav could be considered defensively because of the 2-3.

  10. Mr. Williams says:

    What happened to Lefear? I had high hopes in this kid. He totally took control when they played northwestern and now I see him the 3rd or 4th player off the bench whats going on?

  11. Mr. Williams says:

    What happened to Lefear? I had high hopes for this kid. I saw when Northern played Northwestern and he totally took control. I saw him vs Powers and he was the last off the bench and he got in and turned the ball over and you can see his confidence is gone. Lefear and Smith could be a great asset to this team. Richmond Lewis?

    • The simple answer is Lefear has gotten in his own way right now and is lost. He is determined at this point to have his sole focus on trying to score when he is needed to take care of the ball, pass, and defend as well. I for one hope he rounds out before the tourney.

  12. Mr. Williams says:

    Your right, I saw a couple plays where he ran around the court calling for the ball. He is a good scorer but there is MORE to basketball than just that. But (my opinion), if he’s not starting he should be the 1st player off the bench because I have not saw anybody on that team besides Smith and Williams that has his much talent!

  13. Mr. Williams says:

    Also, Williams (Gerald) could be one of the city’s best players when he steps up and gets it going!

  14. The Ball says:

    So I take it you don’t like the freshman Richmond Lewis starting at point??

  15. Mr. Williams says:

    Richmond is a great player. I think they’re trying to develop him too fast and I dont think he’s ready yet. He’s one of the best freshmans in the area and has a bright future. Lefear is a senior. What happened to getting your players to college that doesn’t matter anymore? Richmond should be the back-up point guard and run the show off the bench in place off Smith. I like Lefear’s game but nothing taken away from Richmond. Lefear can flat-out score and get the job done from what I have seen. He has high potential.

  16. Mr. Williams says:

    Whoever #2 is for Northern shouldn’t touch the floor!!!

  17. Mr. Williams says:

    Glenn Cosey and Demarco Sanders are the top two players in the city this year! I got Jojuan Graham on the list as well.

  18. BBall King says:

    What about Patrick Haggin? He is a outstanding shooter and has turned into slasher. He still needs some Athleticism and more quickness but he is pretty unguardable, He is better than O’Brien in my opinion.

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