A real prospect: Saginaw’s Christian Vaughn-Dawkins

Posted: February 7, 2010 by Jared Field in High School
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MaxPreps recently published a well-written feature on Saginaw High’s Christian Vaughn-Dawkins.

I must say that CVD is probably the best prospect on Saginaw High’s basketball team, and I’m not being the least bit cheeky. He’s a good basketball player in his own right, but I’m talking about the bigger picture: the game of life, many call it. In that game he’s a blue-chipper.

CVD is a go-getter, a young man with probably more ambition than any 17 year old I know. This weekend’s “Show Your Heart” tournament in Saginaw, CVD’s tribute to his late brother Dorian, is just the latest example of why being young isn’t a worthy excuse for much of anything.

He’s setting a good example for his peers; I hope they’re watching.

— Jared Field

  1. prepfan says:

    Went to the games at Delta all weekend. Even with the weather trouble and one team running late Sunday. It was ran first class. I have been to many a high school sporting event. Never did I see one ran as good as this one was. Games were good just to top the weekend off. The Dawkins family that worked out of site that did about every thing was great, Lets just say I’m a special needs fan. No problem when I asked a question. Basketball took a back seat. People who talk about the kids in Saginaw should come out and see the real Saginaw. Great job to all and thank you.

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