Sanders, Haney, Arnett, Hawkins and more: Player notes from the weekend

East Lansing freshman Steve Haney, Jr.

I had the opportunity to see a lot of top tier recruits this weekend and rather than writing individual game stories where everyone already knows the result, I just thought I would do a quick rundown of the individuals.

Deanthony Arnett 6’0′ Junior Saginaw High

He’s probably the fastest point guard in the state, period. Even though he missed the game winner against Powers on Sunday, it should be noted that Arnette made it almost the length of the court in three seconds flat. This kid has football offers from almost everywhere, but he’s legit on the hardwood as well.

Travon Baker  5’10”  Sophomore  Detroit Consortium

Travon is a sick point guard.  Ultra quick with the strength and touch to finish in the lane.  Needs to work on his shot mechanics, but the kid is one of the top sophomore point guards out there.   

Jacob Boileau  6’6”  Freshman  Delta CC

Jake is not a flashy player, at all, but he’s extremely productive with the ball inside.  Division twos should keep an eye on him, and division threes should be all over him.

Mike Brigham  6’6”  Freshman  Mott CC

This guy is a warrior inside.  Was perfect from the field against Delta with his above-the-rim game.  He doesn’t have Doug Anderson’s hops, but he’s more functional right now.  He is a no-doubter division one recruit.  Also looks like he’s growing.

Demondre Chapman  6’6”  Senior  Flint Carman Ainsworth

I thought this would be his year, I mean, it kind of had to be.  He’s a superb athlete, but that might be the extent of it.  Chapman is a classic case of a guy that needs two serious years of JUCO to tap his potential.

Glenn Cosey  6’0”  Senior  Flint Carman Ainsworth

Looked like a different Cosey against Powers.  Normally, he looks to take over games, but seemed passive Friday.  Cosey needs a fire lit under him.

Steve Haney  6’5”  Freshman  East Lansing

Caught him earlier this season where he looked unstoppable, but looked very human against Detroit Consortium Saturday.  Haney still made a ton of high level plays, but was neutralized in large part by Consortium’s physical forwards.  Once he develops some muscle and beef to absorb contact better, Haney will be a rivals100-type.  His skill-set at his position is very rare…rarer than Charles Tucker.

Javontae Hawkins  6’4”  Sophomore  Flint Powers

He will be an absolute star, but he obviously has to continue to improve.  Hawkins is a no-brainer division one recruit with his skill and athleticism.  On Sunday, a coach from the University of Wisconsin was in Saginaw to watch him. On another team he would probably average 20+, but on a loaded Powers squad he will probably finish with a 10 ppg average.  Next year, without Sanders and O’Brien, J-Hawk will explode.

Jaylen Larry  6’8”  Senior  Flint Carman Ainsworth

He looks really tall now.  I don’t know if he’s 6’8”, but I’d accept it.  Has a soft touch with the ball, but lacks athleticism and doesn’t bang that 200+ pound body around that much.  Still, he’s probably C-A’s easiest points.

Patrick Lucas-Perry  5’11”  Junior  Flint Powers

He is far from a finished product.  PLP has a lot of work to do to be a high major guard.  He’s fast, quick and has sticky hands, but his shot, free throws and finishing is below average at this point.  I don’t know if there’s a mental block or what, but he is way off track from his Breslin performances last year.  It’s a good thing this is not his senior year.

Tommie McCune 6’7” Junior Saginaw High

Until I see a little more meat on his bones, I will hesitate to call him a high-major prospect. He’s really skilled for a big kid, and you can see his potential as a small forward. His shot selection leaves something to be desired, as he too often floats around the perimeter. He tried to guard Powers’ sophomore Javontae Hawkins on the perimeter in the second half on Sunday and got destroyed.

Saginaw's Deanthony Arnette

Demetrius Miller  6’0”  Freshman  Mott CC

Probably one of the more underrated guards out of last year’s class, but he’s proving doubters wrong this season as Mott’s starting point guard. His position defense is improving, but has busy hands that allows him to pick guys off.  One of the finest finishers in traffic you will find and had the athleticism to stuff it with no problem.  He seems to come up with double-digit points and about five assists every night.

Patrick O’Brien  6’4”  Senior  Flint Powers

You won’t find a more competitive kid out there.  O’Brien does well at everything he tries to do on the court.  He’s starting to develop more and more as a perimeter player.  Needs to tighten the handle and prove he can cover with an athletic wing, and he may be able to improve upon his standing division two offer.

DeMarco Sanders  6’2”  Senior  Flint Powers

In the world of prep basketball, usually people are all too quick to hype a player, especially if they are in a Powers’ uniform, but Sanders hasn’t benefitted from that.  He’s the last guy spoken of in reference to this team, but he should be the first.  He’s leading the area in scoring, on a ridiculous clip, and blew up Carman Ainsworth Friday in the first quarter for eleven points.  He was 100% from the field in the first half – my take, if someone shoots 100%, then they aren’t getting enough touches.  He then followed that performance up with MVP honors against Saginaw High and the game winner.

Efe Scott – Emuakpor  6’5”  Sophomore  East Lansing

Stellar athlete with decent skill.  Efe has a high ceiling, but he’s more potential than productive player right now.

Tre Tigner  6’6”  Sophomore  Detroit Consortium

He looks more like an offensive tackle than a basketball player, but Tigner can play.  He’s got a soft touch with some explosion to go with that massive frame. He has a mean streak, too.

Denzel Watts  6’0”  Freshman  Flint Carman Ainsworth

So he’s not Charles Tucker, but is he Richie Lewis or Monte Morris even?  Watts seems pretty content to let the upperclassmen make most of the plays, which is commendable, but against Powers, he began to show a little more juke with the ball.  I’ll call this weekend a “push” for him, but I have to admit, I think there’s a lot of game inside of this kid.

Anton Wilson  6’4”  Sophomore  Flint Carman Ainsworth

He might just be CA’s best player.  He’s solid shooter, not great, but adequate and showed some athleticism against Powers throwing it down two-handed on one play.  He’s a lot smoother than Hawkins, but is he as talented?  Could be a nice rivalry between these two, like with Kelvin Torbert and JaQuan Hart earlier this decade.


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6 Responses to Sanders, Haney, Arnett, Hawkins and more: Player notes from the weekend

  1. Nice contrast of Wilson-Hawkins compared to Hart-Torbert. Bet they would love to finish 1-2 in the Mr. Basketball race as seniors too.

  2. Gavin Raath

    I know it was a reach since Torbert was top tier as a sophomore. Obviously neither Wilson or Hawkins are there, but how good was JaQuan as a sophomore?

    • Good but not Torbert good.

      I must say that seeing Hawkins yesterday basically just reaffirmed my belief that he’s a top three sophomore in Michigan. Explosive to the basket with the poise of a senior.

  3. Coach

    Demarco Sanders is starting to look more and more like a surfire D1 player. The kid has heart no doubt about that 4 a kid to play on a bad ankle and have a bad eye that shows this kid is 4real.
    Heard Beilien and Wisconsin left the game impressed.

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