War on the floor: Mott downs Henry Ford in JUCO clash, 76-67

Posted: February 11, 2010 by Jared Field in College


Mott head coach Steve Schmidt implores his team in the second half of the Bears' 76-67 win over no. 2-ranked Henry Ford.

FLINT, Michigan — They didn’t built them big enough.

Back in January, Mott Community College invested in new bleachers on the north side of the Steve Schmidt Gymnasium and, after Thursday night, they my need just a few more.

A crowd of more than 1,300 witnessed the biggest JUCO basketball game in the country tonight in Flint, as the no. 5-ranked Bears shot down no. 2 Henry Ford, 76-67.

The game appeared to be Henry Ford’s to lose in the first half after Mott sophomore Torian Oglesby picked up his second foul in the first three minutes. But, knowledgeable Mott fans weren’t nervous. They know a dirty little secret about Steve Schmidt’s team: His best player comes off the bench.

Mott's Mike Brigham scoring two of his team-high 22 points against Henry Ford.

Mike Brigham, a 6-6 freshman forward from Marion, Indiana, poured in eight of his team-high 21 points in the first half to keep the Bears in the game early. Mott trailed by one at the half after a clutch 3-pointer late by freshman Marshawn Norris.

After a 14-1 run early in the second half, Mott held off the resilient Hawks and their star freshman, Jamie Stewart. The 6-4 shooting guard led all scorers with 22 points. He’s just a flat-out gamer and as good as any player I’ve seen this season.

The nail in the coffin for Henry Ford came in the final two minutes, when Brigham slammed home an alley-oop to put Mott up nine.

Brigham added 13 rebounds and four steals to his 22 points. Sophomore guard Bobby Lewis had a tremendous first half and finished with 16 points. Flyboy freshman Doug Anderson struggled early, but finished with 16 points.

Sophomore Terrance Tubbs was the only other player in double-figures for Henry Ford with 13. He’s big and exceptionally nimble. He has turned in solid performances against Mott in both games this year.

The difference, in retrospect, between the first two meetings can be summed up in two words: Marcus Knott. HFCC’s starting point guard dictated the flow of the game and made every big play on both ends of the floor in the first meeting. Tonight, he was nowhere to be found. Credit Mott’s guards for cutting out the heart of HFCC’s team.

The Bears 21-3 take over sole possession of first place in the MCCAA’s Eastern Conference.

The victory was Schmidt’s 499th in his 19-year career. He will go for 500 on Saturday at Macomb.

  1. A Coggins says:

    One of the best games I have seen in a long time! Mott is growing before our eyes, and it is fun to see! The run to the tournament will be a good time…The three sophomores provide good leadership, and will be tough to replace, but this team could be “loaded for bear” (pun intended) next season. It is a great time to be part of the black and gold crew…

  2. PJR says:

    This has quickly become a good rivalry, last year and this year! Eastern Conference league wise both teams have some tough teams to beat still on their schedules, so this doesn’t mean the EC league title chase is over. Rubber game coming in NJCAA playoffs? Lotta tough JuCo teams like Saint Clair and Oakland and such to beat in the playoffs first!

  3. sp says:

    check your roster for spelling and heights of the henry ford players. Its a little disappointing for kids to have their information butchered when its on the roster correctly at the door.

  4. PJR says:

    Dollars to Donuts J. Fields inking Jamie Curtis is a Lee less Freudian slip!

  5. PJR says:

    By the way, for those that where actually there, it seems this year that the HFCC backcourt and wings don’t do as good a job at feeding the post, in particular Renaldo Wallace, as last year’s backcourt did. Watching this year and listening to this game, Wallace seems to not be getting many quality touches this year. His half hook is pretty much unstoppable, proven last year vs Mott shot blocker Nealy. So the HFCC backcourt/wing fellas will have to make better use of Wallace inside if they want to press an advantage that can win big games come playoff time! Comments on that by anyone and everyone that watched this game appreciated!

  6. sp says:

    don’t kill your credibility

  7. sp says:

    The players name is Jamie Stewart

    • Jared Field says:

      Funny story: I was reading in the newspaper today about a Genesee County Commissioner named Jamie Curtis. I guess that’s what happens when you write when you’re tired.

  8. It Ain't Right says:

    Where is Nealy at this year?

  9. MRSN says:

    Wallace didn’t get many quality looks at the basket and really didn’t seem interested in shooting when he did.

    • Jared Field says:

      Their best big is easily Terrance Tubbs, imo. He hurt Mott in both games. Kid’s a monster and light on his feet.

      • PJR says:

        Can’t agree with that. Tubbs in nice and nimble with strength, and consistent, but Wallace can be a monster that plays at a higher level. Wallace does need backcourt fellas to see to him though.

      • Jared Field says:

        Tubbs has scored more points and pulled down more rebounds this season than Wallace. I said Wallace was better from the start, but he hasn’t proven it — especially in their biggest games.

      • PJR says:

        Don’t make me sound like I’m against Tubbs, because I like Tubbs’ game. But Tubbs just isn’t as impact at his highest level as Wallace can be at his. For instance Tubbs wouldn’t outplay and even dominate Nealy like Wallace did every game last year. Wouldn’t put too much into total stats for comparison purposes this year. Tubbs is certainly better at taking care of himself, and Wallace is certainly more oriented to Mega like ball with backcourt/wing fellas getting the ball to the post. That’s frankly why Wallace had better stats last year in big games, because last years Mega guards/wings hit him in position to use it. Only Knott uses Wallace now based on the games I’ve seen and heard. Also Coach Abe like to get as many people onto the floor as he can, and so that cuts down on each player’s time. Think Wallace is playing only half a game at best. Tubbs has played more time than Wallace for sure. But while I like Tubbs, just can’t say he’s the best big man with Wallace there.

    • PJR says:

      MRSN: Do you have an email address? I’d like to get copies of the game tapes from last year’s playoff action you did, the games involving the Henry Ford. Do you still have CD/copies? Post your MRSN email contact, as I can’t find it on your website.

      Relistening to the Mott/HFCC game today while I work. NICE!

  10. JucoJunkie says:

    Looking ahead at the playoffs which should really be great, it looks like the 1st place teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences play for the MCCAA championship – no other teams or games involved. Then it looks like the Eastern and Western Conference playoff qualifiers will play in separate districts (8 & 9). Do the winners from both districts advance to the national tournament, or do they play each other and the winner goes to nationals? Just wondering.

  11. sp says:

    You could argue that many players on both teams deserve more touches because both teams are loaded with talent. One thing to consider is who should take less shots. Hard to argue with who has been shooting for each team. I think the first Mott-hfcc game came down to guards, and last night came down to bigs. Round 3???? Who knows.

    • Jared Field says:

      Another consideration is that Mott’s starting point guard was suspended for round one. He played 36 minutes last night and is the team’s best defender. I think he made a big difference in the outcome.

      • PJR says:

        Good point about Mott’s starting PG being back. I think you also made a good point about Henry Ford’s PG Knott not being as effective controlling the game this time around, although it sounded like he still had a solid game, just not a dominant one. There really is a lot of talent in JuCo. Michigan having 4 teams ranked in the top 15 nationwide now, and four others that have been ranked or honorable mention in prior nationwide rankings during this season, is amazing league/team strength for one JuCo area!

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