Game of the night in Mid-Michigan: Flint Northwestern at Goodrich

Posted: February 19, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

Goodrich needs this one — bad.

The Martians are among the state’s best in class B, but still no one outside Goodrich believes that they have what it takes to beat Flint Powers in districts. A win over class A Flint Northwestern, a team that has the capacity to beat most anybody on a given night, would go a long way toward refashioning that perception.

Goodrich’s strength is depth (Patrick, Vallie, Hildebrand, Warner, Lucus, etc.). Coach Barnes goes way into his bench for production and that will be key against Northwestern, a team that counters depth with a talented 3-headed monster. The Wildcats’ trio of Jaylen Magee, Deandre Parks and Travon Mitchell will be the best players on the floor.

Prediction: Talent should overcome depth issues for Northwestern. I don’t think Goodrich will be able to stop Magee from getting to the basketball. I’ll take the Wildcats by seven.

  1. greg johnson says:

    Should be a good one. Can’t wait to see it. Small gym at Goodrich could slow the game down some.

    • Hoops24 says:

      Big win for Goodrich. Their Freshmen, JV and Varsity went 3-0 against NW tonight. Not sure what Goodrich went from the Free Throw Line (I would guess 50%) though this should have been a 10-15 point game if they would have hit what they normally do. Trevor Lucus had the flu and did not play. Powers still looks like a tough task for the Martians…. if there was a year that they would get by them, this may be it.

  2. T says:

    i got goodrich over powers

  3. greg johnson says:

    NW had bad shot selection with the lead in the 2nd half. They should have begin to build the lead and put the game away. Shot themselves out of it with bad shot selection. My prediction Powers wins by 6 on opening night of districts over Goodrich.

    • Hoops24 says:

      I agree Powers is still the favorite, though I think that Goodrich has gained credibility with a tough non-league schedule. The last few years the first time they saw a good team was the 21st game of the year and got sent home by Powers. I doubt Herman is letting them look by Goodrich this year.

    • Jared Field says:

      I will take Powers by 10-15 points.

      I was shocked at how many open looks Goodrich missed against NW.

      • greg johnson says:

        I won’t argue with that. I think that had NW not played so “playground” or one dimensional in stretches they would have won the game. But give Goodrich credit, they pulled it out and it should give them some confidence headed into the Powers game.

    • anonymous says:

      Those are crazy statements. Goodrich didn’t play well. A kid who averages six points a game shot 16 free throws in that game. Goodrich missed many, many wide open shots from the perimeter. They couldn’t stay in front of Jay Magee. Foul calls were a major, major difference in that game, and to act otherwise is disingenuous.

      • greg johnson says:

        Anon…so your saying the refs cost NW the game?

      • anonymous says:

        I’m saying a 35-12 free throw discrepancy between two evenly matched teams is too much. Goodrich has one player who attacks the basket, and he’s not even the one who was getting to the line.

        NW certainly didn’t play their best. But they have four players who played significant time and shoot almost exclusively in the paint, and one, Jaylen Magee, who was making an effort to get to the basket, although he did settle for some jumpers. I just don’t buy that there can be that big of a free throw discrepancy in a game between evenly matched teams.

        The refs didn’t cost them the game. But to say that that game was officiated competently is just plain wrong.

  4. greg johnson says:

    Anon….consider this for the discrepancy. NW had 3 or 4 “and one” trips to the line, (which gives them 1 attempt instead of 2) missed several front end shots of the bonus situation and had to foul 4 or 5 times down the stretch to put Goodrich on the line. Add all that up and the discrepancy isn’t near as bad as the numbers indicate.
    In my opinion when NW was up in the second half they needed to run a little offense and get good shots. They seemed to play too much one on one for a stretch until they lost the lead.
    What would you describe as competent officiating?

    • Marcellus Miller says:

      I agree with them needing to get better shots, but all that ou described still does not explain a difference of 23. That still looms large…

      • Hoops24 says:

        I think another storyline is that 6’6″ Trevor Lucus from Goodrich missed the game (flu). That is why Goetz who only averaged 6 points played so much and came up huge for them. NW was up 5 early in the 4th and lost that game because of shot selection….tough to draw fouls when you are not taking the ball to the basket. Goetz and Patrick from Goodrich were the only 2 players on either team taking the ball to the hole consistently.

  5. anonymous says:

    NW was 10-of-12 at the line. They didn’t miss “several” front ends.

    Competent officiating is making the same call at both ends.

    • greg johnson says:

      Anon….FYI 10 of 12 does not tell the whole story. Missing the front end of a bonus, the 2nd shot (had they made the first) would not be recorded as an attempt.
      Hoops24…sounds like you watched the same game I did, without any bias.

  6. greg johnson says:

    I think what I’m saying is it is always easy to point fingers and very hard to look in the mirror.
    Just like NW giving up a double digit lead in the 4th at Beecher to end up losing. Who do we blame in that one….parents, lighting in the gym, refs, etc. etc.

    • Jared Field says:

      I picked NW to win the game. They had ample opportunity to win it, and they didn’t.

      To be frank, I don’t think either team is all that good. I’d be surprised if either could get closer than 15 on Powers.

      • greg johnson says:

        Agreed! Game over.

      • Hoops24 says:

        Goodrich is a good GAC team (a conference that takes pretty good hits on this board) They just beat NW for the second year in a row and have played GB, Pontiac, SW and NW this year to try and get ready for the Powers game. Now I agree they probably won’t get by Powers once again this year (especially with the addition of Hawkins)… though not sure I agree that their not very good. Heck, they even had an off night shooting and a contributor out with the flu and they still beat NW!

      • Jared Field says:

        Most both teams are good, but they sure didn’t play very well. Neither team could throw it in the ocean from the perimeter.

  7. anonymous says:

    Blaming the refs and saying that the refs were terrible are two different things. Northwestern lost because the played bad. The refs were terrible as well, and high school refereeing in general has been really, really bad this season. It absolutely lacks consistency game-to-game.

    • Marcellus Miller says:

      Lack of consistency has definitely been a distinct factor this year…

    • greg johnson says:

      Anon…. I might suggest you sign up to be a referee……since you seem be so knowledgeable on the subject. I believe you go to and get registered. They need more guys of your confidence and caliber.

      • anonymous says:

        Wow. Sensitive. Are you a ref or something? If so, is it appropriate for you to be commenting on a message board about a team playing “playground” style or how they should’ve run their offense?

  8. greg johnson says:

    Anon….sensitive? No just the facts and no I am not. Just get tired of sitting in gyms as a parent and a fan listening to everybody scream at the officials. Make shots, free throws, play defense and limit turnovers and most teams will win most games. The refs have little overall impact. When my kids say “the ref….” I shut them down right away. Fix something you can control. I’ll admit the refs make mistakes……we all do.

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