Turnovers or shooting? What’s MSU’s problem?

Posted: February 26, 2010 by Jared Field in College

Editor’s note: Thanks to Dylan at UMhoops.com for digging this up.

Pete Rossman, at The Only Colors, has an interesting piece on MSU’s lackluster play of late: He wonders, turnovers or shooting – what’s eating Michigan State?

From TOC: In a stunner, when Michigan State shoots very well, they almost always win.  You can see why Izzo’s been so incensed with shot selection the last couple days, as it appears that the Spartans have a greater chance to win with a high TO% then with a low eFG%.  Keep in mind the statistics aren’t always exact – any comparison involving the 2000-2001 team will not show a lot of variation since they only lost five games, and, as always, nothing in basketball ever happens in a vacuum.

In the absence of dominant big men, you cannot be elite without elite shooting. MSU has neither at this point. That being said, they will probably back in to a Big Ten championship (now that Purdue’s best player is done for the season) like they did the national championship when Kenyon Martin got injured.

  1. greg johnson says:

    Whoa! “Back into” The losses for MSU without Lucas means nothing? If Purdue loses without Huml we “back into” the championship but; since we lost without our best player it means nothing? Apparently we just loss because….. Come on. That is part of the landscape of sports on every level. That is not a fair statement.

    • Jared Field says:

      They only played without Lucas for Illinois, right?

      So how is that not fair? Lucas played in all their losses except Illinois.

      And Hummel means a lot more to Purdue than Lucas means to MSU.

      • greg johnson says:

        I might be a MSU slappy but; they win at Illinois w/Lucas and I was at the Purdue game. Although Lucas played he was very limited and in my opinion should not have played.
        Hummel means more to his team than Lucas….not sure I can go along with that. Equal maybe, more I don’t think so.

      • greg johnson says:

        P.S. Nobody backs into a National Championship at any level or sport!

  2. baller213 says:

    Thank you Greg….I was about to say the exact same thing. Nobody “backs into” a national title. That team played 30+ other games that year, not just one against a shorthanded Cincinatti team.

  3. Ddawkins says:

    there are a lot of stupid things said on this website.

  4. TTenneriello says:

    Jared never said that they backed into a National Championship….He said they backed into a Big Ten Championship….something that is a bit easier to do….However Purdue is still tough without Hummel

    • Jared Field says:

      The point is this: Hummel going down is huge, as huge as Martin back in the day. I believe that injury helped MSU win the national championship. This one, I believe, will help MSU win the B10.

  5. mace says:

    Top 4 teams lost players Turner, Luer, Lucas and now Hummel so its = in a way. Don’t forget NW lost Coble or they might be right there with the other 4. If Msu plays like it has been Purdue will still beat them w/o Hummel because they simply play harder, smarter, better D and limit to’s. Unfortunately for msu a lot of their key players lack high bb iq’s — izzo needs to find more draymond green’s — where would they be w/o this guy this year? probably around .500

    • Jared Field says:

      And can you argue now that Hummel isn’t more important to his team than Lucas.

      Lucas had eight points, two rebounds, one assist and eight turnovers in another big game flameout.

      Bring on the NBA, baby!

      • Marcellus Miller says:

        Again I ask…why is not the coaching being questioned? By all accounts on this site, Lucas, Summers, Morgan, and Roe are all underacheiving greatly. I am not even mentioning Herzog, Dahalman, Nix, etc. When does the coaching factor come into play?

  6. mace says:

    i think your ? was answered yesterday — the problem has been a lack of effort, intensity and defense — all 3 were as good as they have been all year. Turned it over 20+ times, didnt shoot great and still won a tough game. Green was huge again (see my first post) and Morgan showed up for a big game.

  7. greg johnson says:

    MSU was HORRIBLE on the offensive end! But; it was nice to see some grit and intensity back on the defensive end.
    Lucas better stay put at MSU for his Sr. season for some redemption. He has definitely not played up to his potential. Besides, I’m guessing he will be lucky to go in the early 2nd round at this point.

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