On the Tube: Flint Powers season highlights

Posted: March 2, 2010 by Jared Field in High School
  1. Hoops24 says:

    Why would Powers not compete for a Class A State Championship? Is it all off student count or being private could they opt for a higher class? For the most part their team is made up of the top players from the local public schools. Just curious… I suppose you could ask the same question of DCD.

  2. Trentsahole says:

    They probably could compete. When you take all the top players from Class A schools, why wouldn’t you.
    It’s easier to win a class B title so they stay right where they are. At least it’s not as big of a joke, as Keener winning state titles in D with Chris Webber.

    • Jared Field says:

      I’d argue that over the past several seasons, going back to Detroit Renny, the difference between elite class A and elite class B is negligible.

      I think private schools in class B should have to move up. We agree.

      • FlintStones says:

        As far as the past 2 years, Country Day has had the most talent, regardless of class. Powers Catholic upset them by playing a perfect game in Flint last year. Even a few years back class B would have dominated class A with Detroit Renaissance having Joe Crawford and Malik Harrison. I think it would actually benefit Powers to play in class A this year so they wouldn’t have to face powerhouse Country Day. They proved they can already beat some top-notch teams in class A such as Saginaw.

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