The final six: Michigan Mr. Basketball field announced

Posted: March 5, 2010 by Gavin Raath in High School
Not a huge surprise for the final six, except maybe one.  Trey Zeigler, Ray McCallum, Keith Appling, Maurice Jones, Devin Oliver and Michael Talley all made the cut. 

Oliver was the biggest surprise as he was injured for a good portion of the season, and isn’t quite on the level of the other candidates. 

Talley plays class C level ball so don’t count on him winning the award either, but I guarantee Tory Jackson has his sympathy. 

The award basically is between the remaining four.  It’s a toss-up to me and I wouldn’t be upset to see any of them claim the honor. 

I will say, the numbers displayed by the Free Press seem a little ridiculous.  I have a hard time accepting assists, rebounds, steals and FG% since these can be fairly subjective enterprises, but by the numbers Maurice Jones looks like the winner.  Averaging 12 assists per game is truly amazing, but again I’m not sure I buy it. 

Ray McCallum probably has it if we are going by winning.  He won the head-to-head battle against Keith Appling and Maurice Jones, and put on a show in the process.  He would have my vote as the best player in the state. 

Trey Zeigler is tucked away at the gates of northern Michigan in Mount Pleasant so most voters probably haven’t seen him.  He is an impressive talent that could have the most upside out of this group, and led MP to a great season. 

Keith Appling is probably the favorite though.  MSU-bound, McDonald’s All American [in addition to Ray], ridiculous stats and playing for a historic program all help his cause.  The Detroit press clearly favors him too with his rating as the state’s top player two years straight, and his nine photos in the freep’s Mr. Basketball spread to everyone else’s three [except for Talley who had a little more than three]. 

Personally, I’m just excited to cleanse the 2009 process from my memory.

— Gavin Raath

  1. Jared Field says:

    I remember Matt Burnor. That kid was tough.

    Honestly, I like all the candidates (except Oliver) and, like you, will not be disappointed no matter what.

    My first choice would still be Maurice Jones. He’d be on the fast track to the NBA if he were as tall as any of those guys.

  2. greg johnson says:

    To me it is a toss-up between Jones and Appling. Leaning towards Appling, besides I like to see the Mr. Basketball stay in state to play college ball. In my opinion Zeigler is too selfish with the ball and hasn’t played near the toughness of schedule the other two have. (Not his fault though) Appling will win with Detroit market and name recognition after his 49 pt. performance at the Breslin last March.

    • PJR says:

      Well Saginaw Arthur Hill has a better overall schedule than Mount Pleasant does but Pershing does not. Pershing has a few non conference games against some good teams but frankly the PSL is a weak league on the bottom 2/3’s, and most games are done halfway through the 1st quarter for Pershing in the PSL. So Mount Pleasant’s schedule is tougher just because the SVL is lot tougher top to bottom. the way I look at this stuff is what if you had players trade places. Zeigler’s the one guy who you could put on any of the other teams and they’d get better, while if you put MacCallum, Appling, or Jones on Mount Pleasant, a team who has by far the least supporting cast, you would not see a team that shared the SVL title, you would not see a team that last year went to the Regional final, you would not see wins vs Saginaw and Rockford this year. Thus Zeigler’s had the best senior season, making more from less! The others just had a lot more help. A solid argument can be made that both Appling and MacCallum have made less from more given how stacked their teams are. Plus these two pretty routinely get outplayed at PG, in spite of the hype.

      • bbfan says:

        Pershing beat SAH pretty easy when they played. SAH never had the lead and the game wasn’t as close as the score. SVL top teams have a losing record when they step out of conference and played a tough team.

  3. blaze22 says:

    I’d have to go with Ray McCallum. Pre-season i was a Keith Appling fan like you wouldnt believe and thought he was the obvious choice, but after watching Pershing play DCD a while back when Ray put on that show it kinda swayed my vote.

  4. PJR says:

    The 8 assists per game claimed by Talley is hard to believe, and the 12 assists per game claimed by Jones is absurdity. These guys both never saw a shot they didn’t like, and are not assist men. What, Talley’s creating 47 of his teams points and Jones is creating 54? Come on now. Doesn’t anyone else on Arthur Hill and ABT chew gum and walk at the same time? This Mr B hype stuff is just ludicrous anymore. I can’t believe McCabe prints this crap as reality. I tell the coaching to go back and rework the stats with a notary present! Don’t these coaches have any shame? Answer: NO! Sad stuff! Really sad stuff! One thing about those stats for Jones is don’t they have to be reworked given Arthur Hill officially forfeited seven games?

  5. sag101 says:

    Hold up…hw can u say that u will have to rework Jones states because of 7 games that were taking away. No in the games he did his work and blow out all the compt. on the floor..Listen if it comes down to a pure player vs player, there is no way anyone can hold Jones, but Jones holds all the other top players, no matter if its 6’7 Oliver or 6’2 Ray…Pound 4 Pound he is the best.Ive seen at least 10 of his games and to say that he is not a great assist man is crazy. That team is below average without Jones. Granted he has a 6’8 atheletic forward but he has not grew intohis body yet, and besides theres no way any of players nor coaches would say that Jones is not as better as advirtised…..But with that being said i would vote for JOnes, but i agree that Appling will win becasue he is staying in state…Which I feel is BS…it is what it is…

  6. Mark says:

    Jones is clearly the best. 45 points against Pershing! The Hill beat KCentral, Saginaw High 3 Times, Bellville, Muskegon Heights! This kid is the real deal 5-4 or not. 28pts a game and 12 assists is not BS. You almost have to see it to believe it.

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