Prognostication: Some Flint and Saginaw districts

Posted: March 8, 2010 by Jared Field in High School


At Carman-Ainsworth
Flint Carman-Ainsworth over Swartz Creek: Too much size and athleticism for even Carman-Ainsworth to screw up this district.

At Davison
Flint Northwestern over Flint Northern: The Vikings have been far too erratic this season. Will this be the start of another Wildcat playoff run?

At Saginaw Heritage
Saginaw Arthur Hill over Heritage: The Lumberjacks will need to be careful of a letdown if, as I predict, they defeat Saginaw High in the second round. Heritage is no slouch.


At Goodrich
Flint Powers over Birch Run: This is yet another example of why we need seeding in district. The best two teams by far, Goodrich and Flint Powers, will meet in the first game of this district.


At Bendle
Buctown over Flint Hamady: The Beecher Bucs have Hamady’s number in the playoffs. Burton Bentley is also in this powerful class C district.

At Montrose
Saginaw Buena Vista over Saginaw Valley Lutheran: The Knights could sleepwalk through this district. I hope they don’t, though.


At Genesee Christian
Genesee Christian over Faith High: This has to be the least competitive district in the state.

  1. Hoops24 says:

    I think I am with you on every game, with the exception of Buctown and Hamady. I was at the Hamady/Goodrich game Thursday and Burnett is a man among boys. I can’ t see Beecher having an answer for him.

    • Jared Field says:

      Yeah. I wavered on that one. I just sided with history.

    • haha says:

      dominez burnett is only a hustle player all his points come off fast breaks and put backs he has no low posts moves or presence we watched film on hamady to prepare for districts and against BV he was non existant agaisnt genesee he scored 2 points when their center guarded him in the post all other points were on fast breaks goodrich the first game the same thing 8 points not very good agaisnt good teams

      • Jared Field says:

        You have to be kidding. Only a hustle player?

      • haha says:

        jared im not trying to be smart but have you seen a hamady game this year

      • Jared Field says:

        Yes I have. The kid has a lot of talent.

      • haha says:

        im not saying hes not a good hamady player and maybe being a little bias against hamady because i never see anyone goes past high school but undersized and really doesn do to much spectacular very nice kid though

      • Jared Field says:

        I agree with you on that. The last Hamady player to go D-1 was Marcus Coleman. I believe that was five years ago. Hamady never has any size.

      • haha says:

        i know marcus went to grambling but what happened to him he didnt play this year

      • Hoops24 says:

        I have watched both Hamady and Beecher this year. I don’t see how Beecher can keep this game within 15. Didn’t they just lose to Bentley? Burnett will score 20+ and rebound 10+ in a Hamady win…. in my opinion.

      • haha says:

        yea but bentley was within ten of hamady and genesee was within 6 genesee and bentley split the season series beecher beat genesee and lost to bentley so you cant really say that “o but this team beat this team” cause basketball is a game of matchups

      • Hoops24 says:

        alright haha… I can see where your coming from. I’m a Goodrich guy and Hamady put a scare in us on Thursday. (they should have won). So maybe I just saw their best game of the year.

      • haha says:

        well took you guys to OT thats plenty scary so now think about this would bentley compete with goodrich when they only lost by ten to hamady you see my point

      • I’ve seen Dominez a few times and he’s probably the most polished big in the Flint area. Very good around the basket and he has range out to the three-point line. Hustle players don’t average 20 a game.

      • haha says:

        he averages less than a three made a game and at 6’3 big man is not where he should be playing

  2. Dantana says:

    Some predictions for the Thumb area teams….

    Class B
    at Pinconning
    Bridgeport over Carrollton – Easy week for the Bearcats.

    at Cros-Lex
    Vassar over Millington – Vassar has run up a good record playing Class C teams, but the TVC East (with exception of B’Port) isnt any better than the GTW.

    Class C
    at Montrose
    BV over Valley Lutheran – Should be a long playoff run for BV.

    at Memphis
    New Haven over Marlette – I have no clue on New Haven, but the other teams in the district are average at best.

    at Bad Axe
    Harbor Beach over USA – USA is down compared to years past, but they are playing pretty good ball right now and could upset the Pirates.

  3. Hoops24 says:

    Anybody can beat anybody on a given night. Hopefully Goodrich can prove that tonight with a win over Powers.

      • Hoops24 says:

        Yeah… this one will hurt the Goodrich crowd for awhile. Since the Powers loss 12 months ago they have prepared for this game. They setup a tough non-league schedule that helped prepare them. 5-12 from the FT line did them in. Can’t take anything away from Powers though. They played a great game and are a class act. All of us from Goodrich will be pulling for them the rest of the tournament…. it took Goodrich girls 8 try’s to get by Powers and the boy’s are on 4 and counting. Lot’s of kids coming back from Goodrich, so we look forward to a District rematch in 12 months!

  4. Dominez Burnett Himself says:

    haha do you know the game of basketball i play low im the second tallest i go outside and inside like patrick said hustle players dont average 20 and also everyone dont have good games but im clutch haha that!!

    • DB, don’t you even worry about defending yourself on a message board. Just keep your head in the game and let us that aren’t playing talk about it. You know what I’m saying? Time will prove all…

    • haha says:

      second tallest in what the conference cause there is so much size in the gac legit 6’3 nez where would you play center, power forward, or even small forward at i dont wanna bash you this is a message board were opinions are formulated its just my opinion thats all but your undersized and i dont think you have the quickness for a smaller postion but your a great kid i can tell from your demeanor on the court and what other people have said, your a good gac player and for real i want you to succeed i want you to prove me wrong do something with basketball and go somewhere

  5. greg johnson says:

    Don’t mean to change the subject on ya but; whoever comes out of the Bay City Central “A” regional should have a cakewalk to the Breslin. Wonder why Clarkston got sent another direction. Mr. Fife must have whined too much about getting beatdown by Saginaw and Genesee county teams too many times.

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