Not again: Powers nips Goodrich in district thriller

Posted: March 9, 2010 by Gavin Raath in High School

So long Andrew. Congrats on a great career!

GOODRICH, Michigan — In the opening round of the Goodrich district, the Martians played host to the Powers Catholic in a rematch of last season’s barn-burner.  No Torey LaFerney this time for Goodrich, but Monday night was no different than last season’s closely contested game.  But it wasn’t just the competitive nature of the game that was repeated; unfortunately for the Goodrich faithful, so was the result. 

Powers seemed to be down by a bucket or so for most of the game until a run spurred by Patrick Lucas-Perry pushed the Chargers to an eight-point lead.  Goodrich’s Nathan Landsgaard did his best to keep it close by hitting clutch basket-after-clutch basket, knotting the game up with seconds to play. 

But it was also Landsgaard’s inability to check Lucas-Perry up top that allowed Powers to pull ahead with 2 seconds remaining on a nice left-handed lay-up. 

Demarco Sanders intercepted the Goodrich in-bound to finally seal the game. 

Incredible high school game, and a tough loss for Goodrich.  Their season shouldn’t be over this soon.  Games like this one, really make me wish there was some kind of a seeding system. 

Congrats to four-year varsity stand-out Andrew Patrick.  I have enjoyed watching you play and evolve over the last four years.  I still remember when as a freshman, he was giving Grand Blanc the business.  He didn’t have a great scoring night, but his performance is a harbinger for his future position leading the game with nine assists.  He’ll play point guard for Concordia next year and will be a really good one.  Kind of the think he should have been checking Lucas-Perry in those final few seconds, but Landsgaard plays with a ton of grit. 

Goodrich should be okay next year.  The game’s leading scorer Landsgaard returns, as does talented wing Carter GoetzTrevor Lucus, a 6’6″ center, also returns.  He’s skilled, but has to learn to become tougher in the off-season.  I also expect to see a lot of Patrick Season next season. 

Powers moves on, despite some pretty awful shooting on their part.  Nobody really shined for the Chargers except for Javontae Hawkins in spots and Patrick Lucas-Perry towards the end.  DeMarco Sanders, the area’s leading scorer, and Patrick O’Brien have to give more. 

I’ve been hard on Patrick Lucas-Perry all season.  After last year’s playoff performance and his MSU offer, I expected him to be off-the-chain this season.  He’s not.  He’s been inconsistent in a lot of areas, and reminded me more of a poor-man’s Jonathon Jones of Oakland University rather than Mateen Cleaves, which is still a compliment by the way.  But last night, when it counted, he stepped up.  He showed some really nice finishing ability, which hasn’t been there all season, and knocked down jumpers off-the-dribble.  PLP needed that fourth quarter, and if he can carry that play into the rest of the playoffs, then Powers could be at the Breslin for a third time in a row.

  1. greg johnson says:

    Hated to miss this game….knew it was gonna be a good one. By all accounts it was….

    • FlintStones says:

      What a joke of an post-game interview by Goodrich’s head coach Barns. He refuses to give Powers any credit whatsoever. I understand that he is upset after the game, but coach Herman and all Powers players gave Goodrich their deserved accolades. Oh, and he claims they played a more competitive regular season schedule than Powers? Is he referring to playing a Grand Blanc team that lost to Carmen Ainsworth 3 times (who Powers beat twice), or the Class C Hamady and Beecher(who lost to Bentley)? Or when they played Flint City schools Northwestern and Southwestern in their own gym? I give my heart out to the Goodrich players that played until the final buzzer, but cannot respect such arrogant comments by the coach Gary Barns. Must be a little frustrating that “The best team in Goodrich history” can’t beat Powers for the 3rd or 4th straight year, ha! Congratulations to Powers on a hard-fought game and showing class by giving the respect that was due. (Powers will get upset early if they play defensively like they did vs. Goodrich)

  2. It Ain't Right says:

    Powers D is terrible, especially their transition D… Coach Herman was sweating bullets… he didn’t move for about 3mins in the first half…. I will be extremely surprised if Powers makes it back to the Breslin.

  3. asdf says:

    sad one team has to lose, but goodrich really was respected by powers after and powers held themselves high all throughout the game, goodrich should have won, they were the better team and did not play their best as powers definitely played their best, i want to see this matchup next year, will be a great game again and finally a g-town win (hopefully) as for powers goodluck the rest of the way, country day is a load especially with either young obrien or hawkins guarding amir and ray-ray is obviously the main threat

    • FlintStones says:

      Powers definitely did not play their best game asdf. If you think that Goodrich would have beaten Saginaw with Mccune, you are outta your mind buddy. And as far as next year, kiss Goodrich’s chance goodbye 😉 !! Without Vallie or Patrick, no chance in holding LP, Hawkins, Adams, O’Brien, Meissner, Cataldo, Brackett and company. Goodrich fans are completely arrogant and refuse to give any credit to Powers after a win on hard fought, fair game in Goodrich’s barnyard.

      • FlintStones says:

        By the way, how does Goodrich get the district in their gym when their gym isn’t even regulation size??? That is strange to me…

      • Hoops24 says:

        FlintStones… I think your off base. As a Goodrich fan I totally disagree that we didn’t give any credit to Powers. I watched the players exchanged hugs, the parents that know one another through AAU embrace and students from each school chatting it up after the game….. remember quite a few of the Powers faithful are from Goodrich. I think you took 2 minutes of Coach Barns comments to Bill Khan and ran with it to include everyone from Goodrich. Funny how you say Barns is arrogant, though you imply now that Vallie and Patrick are gone, Goodrich will have no chance against Powers in the future. Where is the humility? It took the Goodrich girls basketball program 8 years to catch up with Powers and it may take that or longer for the Boys… though nobody can dispute that Barns has built a pretty good program for a GAC team. Just the fact that a small Class B team from the GAC is even in this conversation with Powers is pretty interesting.

      • It Ain't Right says:

        If you watched the game you would have noticed that Nathan Langsguard who by the way is a 10th grader was the best player on the floor except for a few minutes in the 4th when PLP took over…So Goodrich will live to fight another day…

    • Gavin Raath says:

      Powers did not play their best. Not even close. Sanders, who averaged 20 ppg was ice-cold and O’Brien wasn’t cold per say, but he didn’t have his usual impact. I’ll credit half of that to Goodrich’s defense. But to say that Powers played their best game is way off.

    • Watched Amir and was not overly impressed. However, 6’11” is 6’11”. As for this contest, Powers is a better unit in my opinion and they just played a poorer game overall.

  4. greg johnson says:

    Flintstone….Every school that wants to host state tournaments applies through the MHSAA. A high school court should be 84 x 50 according to NFHS rules and no larger that 94 x 50. Goodrich is 84 x 50. (Looks smaller that it really is because seating and baseline walls are so close to the playing floor) Davison, Northern, NW etc. are 94 x 50. More strange to me is the fact that Atherton is hosting the class C boys regional. Bad lighting and limited seating. Flushing girls played at home last night in the regional semi game and will play at home again tomorrow night in the regional final. It has nothing to do with the neutrallity of the site.

  5. asdf says:

    my question is were you even at the game FlintStones? goodrich should have won, they shot 5 for 12 from the free throw line and powers from what i know shot way better. obrien, lp, and sanders were guarded very well and goodrich should have won, didnt saginaw lose to arthur hill by 20? im pretty sure goodrich beat arthur hill in a scrimmage for i was there watching and saginaw would have been a very good game but no one knows who would have won, as for next year, goodrich loses 5 very talented seniors and powers loses 2, but goodrich will have a lot to play for as the seniors there left a great legacy for them to follow

  6. FlintStones says:

    I am over the Powers-Goodrich game…we all know the results and who won, therefore was the better team on that night. Cry all you want about Goodrich’s shooting night, but if Powers shot like that, you would attribute it to solid defense. But what I am not over is the terrible job that Goodrich is doing hosting the Class B district tournament. Last night at the Flint Southwestern v Powers game, Goodrich didn’t even have a trainer available to tape ankles, etc. I overheard Southwestern coach ask for a trainer, and he was thrown a roll of tape!!! Also, the Powers coach asked for warm-up music for the game (which was started 40 minutes prior to Powers-Goodrich game) and they claimed they didn’t know how to work the stereo. But when the national anthem was ready to be played, somone miraculously figured it out. Goodrich: Hosting the districts is not only a home game for you. You must accomodate all teams involved. What a joke!! You can keep harping on the loss to Powers, but let’s all be serious, it is just high school basketball so you need to get over it at some point. (Read the mlive post about this, I am not the only fan frustrated on this subject)

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