Former Carman-Ainsworth star, Kieon Arkwright, still shining

Posted: March 10, 2010 by Marcellus Miller in College

Kieon Arkwright has been no less than impressive for St. Clair Community College this year after transferring there from Saginaw Valley.  This quiet guy off the court has been speaking in volumes on it culminating to this point with leading his team to huge wins this past weekend versus OCC and HFCC and being honored with All-Region, All-MCCAA, and 1st team All-Eastern Conference selections.   Check out  the rest of the MCCAA honors.

— Marcellus Miller

  1. JucoJunkie says:

    Congratulations to Kieon and the rest of the Skippers for their honors. It’s looks like the players from Mott took a hit in the voting after losing in the district semi-finals. That loss shouldn’t take away from a still fine year including the state championship. But it’s also curious that Doug Anderson was chosen as freshman of the year instead of those who made the All-Region and All-MCCAA teams.

    • Jared Field says:

      Those votes were in before Mott lost, actually.

    • Hoop Dreams says:

      Arkwright also was the region 12 district 8 tournament MVP

    • Ty Williams says:

      I asked the same question about a week ago to J. Fields and this is how the conversation went:

      On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 2:02 PM, tyron williams wrote:

      Mr. Field/Mr. Raath,

      How does Doug Anderson win “Freshman of the Year” in the Conference when Jamie Stewart makes First Team All-Eastern Conference, All-Region Team, All-MCCAA Team,
      and Eastern Conference All-Freshman Team? Doug Anderson only made Second Team All-Eastern Conference and Eastern Conference All-Freshman Team; not All-MCCAA or All-Region. It’s simple mathematics, 4 is greater that 2 (1.5, if actually consider First Team accolades greater than Second Team accolades). Did Mr. Anderson win “Freshman of the Year” because of the excitement of his game and the dunking? In my opinion, Stewart’s game is more D-I ready than Anderson and apparently the coaches that voted think so do to, or Anderson would have received the other accolades also. I think this may be a mistake of some sort. What are your thoughts?

      And please do be biased to the “Flint Fly Boys”.

      From: Jared Field (
      Sent: Mon 3/08/10 2:23 PM
      To: tyron williams (

      “There’s no doubt that Stewart is a better player than Anderson at this point. Anderson had a very good season, but I don’t put much stake in these awards. There are a lot of agendas between coaches being played out.

      How can a team (Mott) that won the conference and the state not have a first teamer?


      • PJR says:

        BTW Jamie Stewart should have won Freshman of the Year, no question. That award is about impact, not highlight reel, noting Stewart’s highlight reel was pretty darn good, but he had the top impact of any player in the MCCAA, period!

      • Hoop it up says:

        Because no one on there team really stood out but Bingham and Anderson. I know Jared that your a Mott guy but come on face it those guys that recieved those honors earned it who cares that mott didnt have a player on there. No one but you. But Bingham could have been 1st Team All conference but the big man from Kirtland is pretty good. Congrats to the guys that recieved honors!

      • Jared Field says:

        Mike Brigham, a freshman, should have been among the top five players in the conference. Look at his numbers. Instead, they chose to put a 26-year-old from a team that Mott beat by 40 points on there. It’s silly.

      • Ty Williams says:

        Are you talking about the guy from Macomb CC? I have heard that he was 28 yrs old. Who is recruiting him? The Veterans Administration Rec League?

      • Jared Field says:

        Yeah. I’ve heard both, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

      • Ty Williams says:

        I won’t. A guy I work with had son on the team and basically this guy did whatever he wants. 6′4″, with no perimeter skill, “Olivet College here I come!”

    • PJR says:

      Gotta believe Coach Schmidt had something to do with making sure the Mott fellas didn’t get top honors, so they worked harder. No proof, just a hunch.

      Also, if you took either the All Regional Team or the All MCCAA team, and had Coach Schmidt or Coach Mashour or such and such Coach, they’d beat Beilein’s Magic Bus Michigan, and I mean easy! A new coach at Michigan could return Michigan to competitive by dumping most of the Michigan team and replacing them with these JuCo fellas! It’s that easy!

      • Hoop Dreams says:

        Schmidt had nothing to do with the voting. He puts his players on a list and the league coaches vote. A coach can’t vote for his own players

  2. Ty Williams says:

    I won’t. A guy I work with had son on the team and basically this guy did whatever he wants. 6’4″, with no perimeter skill, “Olivet College here I come!”

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