High-Hill aftermath: One player, 20 free throws

Posted: March 11, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

The number jumps right off the page: 20 free throws. How on earth can one player go to the line 20 times in one game? On Wednesday night, Mr. Basketball candidate Maurice Jones went 15-for 20 from the stripe and finished with 30 points. The Lumberjacks led by 10 after the first quarter and finished off the High by 14.

I don’t know if the Jordan rules were applied to Jones, or if Saginaw High’s players just couldn’t move their feet. Either way, 41 free throw attempts for one team is just flat-out ridiculous.

I’m actually glad I didn’t make the trip.

Here’s the box score from Mlive…

(Come to think of it, I think David Kool went to the line 20 times at the Breslin a few years back. Maybe it’s a superstar thing.)

  1. Gavin Raath says:

    It happens. It would be very difficult to defend Jones without bumping here and there.

    Great performance from Tommie McCune. He’s starting to become a player.

  2. It does happen, but WAY too much with Jones and others like that. Case in point, Shaquille Smith who is arguably as quick off the dribble as Jones and shoot FAR less jumpers so he gets to the basket MORE, has only shot 77 free throws for the whole year (3.7 per game)! Now tell me preferential treatment doesn’t occur because of a well-known name. How many points would h average with just 7 attempts per? Or 10? I’m not saying Smith=Jones, but I am saying that in terms of quickness they are close but Jones shoots a ton more 3-pt baskets, so why so many more free throws?

    • Ty Williams says:

      That is kind of the norm now. Actually I was talking to a PSL coach about the high school players and he told me that Keith Appling gets the “Jordan” treatment in the PSL games. That is why it is hard for me to really judge how good a guy is in high due to the biased calls that a lot of star players get.

      On another note, I wonder how many assist Jones got? Some how he is averaging 30 and 12, I have seen him play several times and I think that number is a little inaccurate. I mean he does drop dimes, but not that many per game. With the way he scores he would have to have had some 20 assist games to balance that average out.

      • PJR says:

        It’s routine for Appling to get 20ish Free Throws a game. Frankly when nobody can come close to you defensively without getting a foul called, it makes your offensive game that much “better” per ppg results, because no one can really cover you! The Jordan treatment in high school happens all too often. It amazes me how often refs get star struck over a high school kid, and feel the need to help along the hype and reputation! Ridiculous stuff but for sure it happens!

  3. Sloc says:

    The officiating in that game was a complete joke. I’ve only blamed refs for a loss once in my life; when Beecher lost at Corunna when they had Marquise. This game was right up there. horrible call after horrible call.

    I’m not saying The High would have won, but it would have been a whole lot closer. They took the lead in the 3rd then had all momentum taken away by the refs. I feel horrible for Lou

  4. Hoopsguru says:

    Zeigler gets all the calls but it is never an issue because of how poorly he shoots them. He was 5-14 Wednesday night! And the 9 misses – just flat out ugly misses – not even close.

    • Ty Williams says:

      Wait a minute? I have never seen this guy play, are you telling me that he can’t shoot?

      Hopefully they won?

      • Jared Field says:

        Let me be 100% frank: I don’t think Zeigler is at the same level as Jones, Appling and McCallum. Granted, those three guys are incredible. He still wears the “potential” tag in my mind. He could end up being better than all three. Today, however, I’ll take any one of that trio.

        A few weeks back he came to Flint to play Southwestern — not a good team — and he needed like 26 shots to score 26 points. Like PJR says: “Great shooter or shoot greater?” Ha.

      • I will take the tallest guy of the group with guard skills and bounce in Ziegler. Oh yeah, and the one leading the worst talent around him.

      • Jared Field says:

        I’ve never seen the leadership skills. Always looked like a frontrunner to me. I’ve never seen him play particularly hard, either. Maybe I’ve just seen him during off games.

      • I believe he does leave that impression of not playing hard, but I have seen that before from guys who just have that type of personality or things come particularly easy and it doesn’t look like they are working hard. As far as leadership, I am only talking on the court by example. I have no clue what type of leader he is beyond that, but I have also never seen Jones vocally take over his team either. I was an Appling guy before the season and I still think he has the most potential of the smaller guys, but I believe I will take Ziegler now. Seeing him up close and personal in camp last summer helped that too.

      • Hoopsguru says:

        Well – as for leadership. Negative examples – 1. Last year he got frustrated and quit, believe he did that his sophomore year also – ended up back on the team after sitting out a game or two both years. 2. Sits on the bench with a towel over his head and walks through hand shake lines with a towel over his head. 3. Show boats / taunts after a good play – i.e. dunked on / over a short kid Wednesday but then had to make a “picture frame” with his hands in the kids face and for his student section. Positive examples – 1. Passes the ball well. 2. Is a good recruiter.

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