Broke in Brighton: Powers falls to DCD

Posted: March 23, 2010 by Gavin Raath in High School

Congrats DeMarco on a great career. Make us proud at the next level.

BRIGHTON, Michigan — It started out well for Powers on an 11-2 run sparking some knowledgeable fans to think blowout.  But a timeout later by Country Day coach Craig Keener calmed his troops and Ray McCallum helped the Jackets climb back in the game.  On a break away, Ray flushed a two-hander putting DCD up for the first time in the game, 12-11.

Cold shooting from everyone in a Powers uniform didn’t help matters as DCD progressively added to the lead.  It wasn’t really a matter of great defense either from DCD.  Powers just couldn’t hit open shots or lay-ups.  DCD ran man-to-man, but there were holes a plenty.  Pierre Brackett had a perfect mismatch inside that could have led to a lot of point or fouls.  Javontae Hawkins had a similar match-up with 6’11” junior Amir Williams following him out to the perimeter.

Demarco Sanders finally found some one-on-one success when Kenny Knight switched to defend the tricky senior.  Sanders broke him off with one of the sickest cross-overs I have ever seen.  So bad was it that Knight had no choice but to grab the jersey of a passing by Sanders, but no consequent whistle.  Sanders probably didn’t score more than ten points, but he actually looked like a point guard breaking down defenders, driving and dishing.

While mismatches are the first thing to look for against a man-to-man, the second thing to try is the pick-and-roll.  Powers didn’t attempt one from what I could see.  Powers just didn’t come to play.  ,

The sad thing, is that this was not the best DCD we have seen either.  And not by a long shot.  Ray did some impressive things, but nothing that blew me away like he did at Lansing Eastern this season against Detroit Pershing and in this very game last season at Flint Central.  He seemed t be in cruise control for most of the game.

Amir Williams was impressive though.  I can see why Tom Izzo made the trip.  He blocked shots, made the simple shots inside and hit his free throws.  He kind of reminded me of the way Sean Jones played at the class C level, except Amir is playing at the highest prep level possible.  Just very sound player, but has to gain weight, muscle and explosion.

Congrats on great careers by DeMarco Sanders and Patrick O’Brien.  O’Brien has been a four-year starter [I think] and has been a player from day one.  Tonight he did some fantastic work inside against Amir Williams, but had a hard time finding the bottom of the net.  Sanders had similar trouble scoring, but showed good aggression going to the hoop particularly against Amir Williams — great finisher.  Both should have really good careers at the division two level.

The returns of Patrick Lucas-Perry and Javontae Hawkins will insure another great season at Powers next season.  Pierre Brackett, Vince Adams and Danny O’Brien should round out what will be one of the state’s top starting fives.

  1. gregjohnson says:

    Man, Powers was BROKE thats for sure. Was hoping for a much better game. In the 3qtr Powers tried way too much one on one ball….dribble, dribble, dribble….deflection…steal. When they made the extra pass they got good looks.
    At least Beecher will represent Flint at the Breslin.

  2. Jared Field says:

    From what I’ve heard, Hamady’s prized sophomore Quin Langston might be there too.

    • Hoops24 says:

      Danny O’Brien rounding out one of the states top 5 starting lineups next year? Maybe I’m missing something… I have watched Powers three times this year. He started twice and came off the bench last night. I just don’t see it… he is certainly not his brother. He shows more passion to jab back and forth with the opposing student sections in warmups than letting his play on the court do the talking for him.

      • gregjohnson says:

        I’m with you on the D. O’brien comment. He is 5 free fouls when he comes into the game. When he enters it looks like he is given the assignment to be as physical as he possibly can and see what the refs will call. He had 2 fouls the first 2 minutes he was on the floor last night. Then during scrub time he was talkin’ smack to the 10th guy on DCD bench and two plays later the kid swats his shot. That was classic.

      • Jared Field says:

        Between Hawkins, Lucas-Perry, Vince Adams and (if indeed the rumor is true) Quin Langston, that’s a sweet quartet.

    • gregjohnson says:

      Powers must have some “scholarship money” freed up. What a joke.

      • jmill says:

        If those who are rumored to transfer in could really afford to attend, they would have been enrolled already.

  3. TCAHoops says:

    I have to disagree on your comments about Williams.
    Yes, he is an impressive player with plenty of promise, but I wasn’t overly impressed with him.
    Sure, it was my first time seeing him play but I thought he could have contested more shots and I thought he was often soft in the post.
    Although, it would of helped if he could have gotten a decent entry pass. The guards did a horrid job at getting him the ball.

    Also, in the past week now I have seen both Jones and Zeigler at the BCC Regional, as well as McCallum tonight at this game.
    I must say, I’m not sure how McCallum placed third in Mr. Basketball voting to Zeigler.
    McCallum showed me a lot more in just one game than Zeigler did in two.
    Plus, when you go 2-for-20 from the FT line in two regional games…..somethings gotta give.

    • PJR says:

      Blame MacCallum’s Mr. B finish on a corrupt illegally recruiting DCD program and their cheat to beat underachieving Coach Keener, as not even the look the other way BCAMers can stand that program! It’d have to be another CWebb at DCD with nobody else as contender in the state for DCD to get a Mr. B, the hate is that thick!

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