The ‘Buc’ stops here: Beecher falls in state semis, 86-65

Posted: March 25, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

The one and only Flint area team to make it to East Lansing this season fell in the semifinals to Melvindale ABT this afternoon, 86-65. In the end, Mr. Basketball finalist Michael Talley was just too good. The senior had 34 points.

Flint Beecher’s players, coaches and fans won’t need to really savor this experience for too long — most of them will be back there next year. Imagine that, with only three seniors, this team made it to the final four. It didn’t even matter that their top two returning players opted to transfer to different schools. These guys, from one end of the bench to the other, are just flat-out winners.

I read recently that Mlive’s Steve Bell had Buctown’s head coach named as the coach of the year in class C. I think it’s an honor he justly deserves, but I’m not sure I’d put a class on it. I don’t know of another coach in this state, in any class, who has done more with less than Williams — not one.

And what would’ve been the outcome if the Bucs retained Taron Boose and Javontae Hawkins? Hard to say. What’s easy, though, is this: I’m more impressed by the guys who stayed. I’m more impressed by the last Flint-area team standing.

Bucs, baby.

Great season.

  1. prep fan says:

    Talley, was way to much for the young Beecher team. Add to it the foul totals. Far be it from me to blame anything of the calls made in a game! numbers do not lie. 9 foul in the first quarter on the Bucs only to be out done in the third with 10, Double bonus after one quarter. Melvindale is a fine team and too bad Talley was in a class “C” school. No one ever thought the Bucs would get this far. Good to see Buctown back!!

  2. lifelongbuc says:

    Good job bucs!!! You’ll will learn how life goes, everyone has to learn before they succeed. If u young buc are as good they say you all are then the work that needs to be done this summer will be done see yall next year in the championship

  3. HS Hoops says:

    Congratulations to Beecher on a great season!!

  4. gregjohnson says:

    Prep Fan……your right, the officiating was some of the worst I’ve ever seen at the Breslin and I watch all 12 games every year. That being said Talley was too much for Beecher. The better team won but; big kudos to Buctown for their heart and desire. Fun team to watch and a great finish to the season.
    Anybody know where Talley is going to play next he. Seems he would have an opportunity at D1 somewhere.

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