Manny, Manny thanks: UM’s Harris officially enters 2010 NBA Draft

Posted: March 29, 2010 by Jared Field in College

It’s official: Manny Harris is done at the University of Michigan. The junior shooting guard made it official today.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Manny Harris confirmed this morning that he is leaving the University of Michigan basketball program for the 2010 NBA draft.

“After long discussions with the U-M staff and my family and friends, I have decided to pursue my dream of professional basketball and leave U-M early for the NBA,” Harris said in a statement.

“I will always be a Michigan Wolverine at heart and bleed Maize and Blue forever,” the junior wing said in the statement.

My take: I think Manny has done everything he can do at Michigan. Staying for his senior season, while smart for his future (i.e. life after basketball), probably isn’t the best basketball decision. UM will be terrible next season and not having another scorer to take the pressure off would undoubtedly hurt his production.

Even so, Manny was as fun to watch as any Wolverine in the past decade.

Will he get drafted, though? Probably not.

  1. Ty Williams says:

    Brutal honesty. OUCH!!!

  2. A Coggins says:

    Going to miss you Manny – fun to watch you grow from the Breslin and State Finals to now. Thanks for three great years. Best of luck…

  3. PJR says:

    Don’t think NBA is a concern here. Gotta believe Harris’ agent, if like others a guy who’s likely been talking to Harris unofficially at least all year, has lined up a guaranteed D League contract for Manny. Too many people are making the mistake of Harris trying for NBA SG/SF. Harris’ only chance to make the NBA is as PG, period. And to do that he’ll need some rework to relearn the PG position. That’s why he left early. IF Harris really was a SG/SF candidate, he’d of stayed because next year Manny would have got 25-30 shots a game period, and could potentially vie for Big Ten POY. Certainly his personal ppg stats next year would make him a front runner, but Michigan’s team finish might hinder that. In any event, Manny’s going to be a D Leaguer for a while, and get beaucoup work as PG. Think Shannon Brown, same problems to solve that are readily solveable, but per PG capability most already there, and in place of ups athleticism is length athleticism.

  4. waddman says:

    Europe may be a destination. D-league contracts? not sure about the money? He could go to Europe, work on his guard skills and come back. i.e. Charlie Bell. He did leave UM by putting on a show versus OSU. Best of luck to he and Sims.

  5. […] believed Manny could become a solid NBA player. Jared, not so much. Jared ended up being right when he said Harris wouldn’t be […]

  6. Ty says:

    I am glad he made it, I talked to him at a club when he was 18 and he had the hunger for more… I am really glad he made it…He also made some comments about Alex Legion but I am going to keep them to myself, but let’s say Manny was the better choice, by the way where is Lucas-Perry at now?

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