‘Frighteningly good’: What MSU basketball could be next season

Posted: April 5, 2010 by Jared Field in College

Here’s a fun read from the Detroit News on MSU’s inevitable return to the Final Four. Everyone knows the Spartans will be better, but how much better?

From The Detroit News:

  1. PJR says:

    There’s going to be a lot of competition for all spots on the floor, that’s for sure. But as strong as the roster is top to bottom, Izzo can only play five at a time, which is something he has some trouble with sometimes!

  2. ddawkins says:

    should be a title contending team if the same refs from the butler game dont show up to ref the FF again.

    • Patrick Hayes says:

      Love MSU and that was certainly a foul on Green at the end, but MSU had more fouls than their opponent in every tourney game. They’re a physical team and are going to be in foul trouble plenty as a result of that style.

  3. ddawkins says:

    well one call wouldve changed the outcome of the game and gave state a chance to win the natl title, i think thats enough to whine about.

    • Jared Field says:

      And a call or two going the other way may have led to a six-point win for Butler.

    • Marcellus Miller says:

      Then one would have to go back to the beginning of the game and add up any call that was questionable on both ends. We could do that all day and come up with no answer. It is also true that one less turnover could have meant a 3 pointer and a win.

    • Hoopsguru says:

      If you want to talk about ONE CALL – think back a few games and you will realize MSU should not have even been in the Final 4. In their 2nd or 3rd win in the tourney (forget now who it was against) Green traveled at teh top of the key when making a pass for the game winning shot with just a few seconds on the board. Recall the play? Green traveled because had he not traveled the pass he was throwing would have hit Morgan in the head.

  4. Williford says:

    I give props to MSU and Butler both though. Butler stood tough in all of their games. They beat a lot of good teams.

  5. Jared Field says:

    My gut feeling is that MSU would have beaten Duke.

    • PJR says:

      MSU should have beaten Butler by ten. Folks want to talk about Lucas out and Morgan in foul trouble, but for cripes sakes, 2 of Butler’s top 3 guys hardly played, and that’s pretty much a wash there, but given the roster talent advantage MSU has top to bottom that meant a HUGE MSU roster advantage.

      Beating Duke is always about winning playing 5 on 8. Give Butler credit, as Butler overcame a lot of pro Duke calls, about 10 points worth. While Hayward’s halfcourter was a couple inches away, Hayward’s earlier baseline shot with 4 seconds left was less than an inch away from a National Championship! Butler did the Horizon proud! Seems like maybe more Horizon teams could make the NCAA now, given how the Big Ten’s 4-5 didn’t do anything all that great! Even MSU was more about the easiest path than great wins.

      So the REAL QUESTION now is, since Perry Watson is no longer at UoD, and that was suppose to be the reason Izzo would never play UoD, and given Butler and UoD are top contenders in the Horizon next year, why isn’t Izzo letting MSU play UoD???

  6. Drecal23 says:

    because izzo wants the strongest non confrence schedule no cream puffs

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