In case you missed it: UM’s Deshawn Sims

Posted: May 3, 2010 by Jared Field in College

This is probably the only good story to come out of Michigan’s basketball program in at least a year, and I almost missed out on it.

Read this piece on senior forward Deshawn Sims. It will give you an idea of where some college athletes are coming from, and why they don’t want to go back. This story creates in me a higher level of admiration for Sims and what he’s had to overcome.  

I love this from teammate Manny Harris:

“We all have adversity in life,” Harris says. “But he has had so much. Still, he has his head on strong. He wakes up every day with a smile. I don’t know how.”

  1. Ty Williams says:

    Good job young man, good job!

  2. PJR says:

    Great Story! Now if he can just finish the job and latch on to something NBA pro, maybe have a nice career and become a ambassador of sorts to troubled kids for the NBA! Then a movie would be made!

  3. Ty says:

    Man, you really suck! The kid is getting a degree from U of M and you have to go screw it up, just like you did with all those Barry comments. Why do you have to be such a little weasel. Man, the kid is graduating! He is finishing the job! Jared, I want to start a petition to ban PJR from the site. All those in favor? This guys has mush for brains!!! You always have do a smear campaign on everyone. You totally suck man, seriously.

    • PJR says:

      What are you talking about?? There’s nothing bad in that post! That reply was a compliment! It’s great he’s getting his degree. Never said anything else. Just hoping he can hook up with an NBA team and realize the obvious dream, and then use his experiences as a great ambassador. The world needs more like that. You should be banned for being some kind of goof that can’t read and comprehend.

      And again, my Oglesby reply congratuated him. The reply only said there’s more guys in JuCo, like Barry, that are as good as Oglesby and could get scholarships as well. Note that YOU fellas replying made the string an Oglesby vs Barry and Barry hateraid contest, posting all kinds of false information. I just posted factual corrections which you choose to ignore. Heck, the only guy who posted Oglesby didn’t belong in the D1 MAC was Field himself. Call for a ban on publisher Field if you want to ban someone! First learn to read!! Second learn to get the hate out of your posts!!!

      • Jared Field says:

        The idea that Barry is as good as Oglesby is what is making people think you’re a joke. I’d be willing to have this conversation were it about a player who missed D-1 and is playing D-2. Barry couldn’t hack it at the lowest level of college basketball.

      • PJR says:

        Jared you just an idiot. Barry could “hack it” just fine at basketball. Maybe if you had a real degree you’d undestand something about academic rigors. It’s real hard to take accounting, work your way through schoool, and play basketball. You just want to ignore the fact that Barry was HFCC’s best big man on a state title team, and even NAIA/D2 UoM Dearborn’s best big man for the two games he played before money concerns and academic study time concerns forced him to give it up. And for the record, Barry IS better than Oglesby, and their head to head matchup results obviously prove it!! The idea that Oglesby is more athletic than Barry is LUDICROUS! Barry would outsprint him, out jump him, out lift him, out quick him, there’s simply nothing Oglesby would be more athletic than Barry at. In spite of your hype, FACTS prove it! Remember HFCC last year BEAT Mott for the title! Barry was one guy who lead that charge. What’d Oglesby do that year?? What’d Oglesby do this year?? Lay down some reality and I’ll believe you, but you got zip, just namecalling! Now once again I’m not saying Oglesby is bad, but overall last year, and even more so when the rubber hit the road in big games, Barry performed BETTER than Oglesby, period!! You got ZERO FACTS you can lay on the table to refute that, so you’re reduced to childish name calling on Barry!

      • Jared Field says:

        I was talking about basketball. If you want to talk about accounting, maybe visit Great Lakes Books or some other site.

        If Barry were more athletic, more skilled and better in every conceivable way than a guy several mid-major schools offered a scholarship, you don’t think a school like UM-Dearborn would pull out all the stops to keep him on the basketball team?

        Barry actually played six games for UM-Dearborn. Here’s the damage:

        7-30 from the field (23.3%)
        1-10 from 3-point range (10%)
        4-8 from the foul line (50%)
        19 TOTAL points (3.17 points per game)

        A TOTAL of 11 rebounds, eight turnovers, seven assists, two steals and two blocks in six games.

        And he did it against these big boys:

        Campbellsville Univ; Lindsey Wilson College; Shorter College; Trevecca Nazarene Univ; Calumet Coll of St. Joseph; Concordia University.

        Do you ever wonder why NO ONE takes you seriously?

        He was a role player at UM-Dearborn. That’s why he quit to concentrate on his studies. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m sure he appreciates you making a fool out of him. I’m sure Coach Abe appreciates you making a mockery of his program.

      • PJR says:

        Looking up stats again? Barry didn’t play in all those games. Barry may have been on the roster and even in the book for some games after he quit. For instance obviously Concordia was a league game and Barry was not around for any of the league games. Obviously they are giving someone else’s stats to Barry. The WHAC Dakstats routinely have guys listed playing in games who weren’t even eligable to play, and vice versa. Not unusual mistakes for small college self reporting. Another reason to take ALL stats with a grain of salt.

        Now, how about discussing the games you actually saw instead of misusing stats that aren’t even correct to begin with. Noticeably, you’ve worked hard to ignore the obvious, like explaining Barry outplaying Oglesby HFCC vs Mott. How about this, did Oglesby put up 28 vs anyone in playoffs for 2009 equivalent to like Barry did vs top JuCo Glen Oaks and their all star JuCo forward?? Start there! Come back with some reality!!

        Again, this is not really about Barry vs Oglegsby, rather system for not system per recruiting. Olgesby is a fine player, but so is Barry, in fact FACTS are Barry is a better player. The point isn’t that Barry belongs at Some D1 like MSU or Duke, or maybe not even a D1 MAC team, although seeing some of the SF/PFs in the MAC I have no doubt Barry is a better player than many. The main point I make is Barry, LIKE MANY JuCo players, is being overlooked by scholarship offering college coaching and scouting at the D1/D2/NAIAD1/Etc level.

        Couple other notes:

        The only reason accounting is mentioned is that it’s hard enough to study for accounting and play college basketball. That’s feat in itself. But to then say you have to work a 40 hour a week job to pay your rent and bills to boot is pretty much a suicide mission. If it was just a easy journalism degree, Barry probably could have swung it!

        Barry didn’t even practice with the team. He joined the team a day or two before the first away tournament (11/6-7) played in about half the first game, then started and played in the second game and did very well in both. Then he quit when he got home because he realized the time factor didn’t allow him to work enough to study/work and make rent. My understanding is he quit after the 2 game tournament.

        As far as the UoM Dearborn making sure fellas had scholarship money, there where starting guys who came in “on scholarship” who ran out of money, and to keep playing had to move in with their relatives some over an hour away to make ends meet after not getting all they were told they’d get, and not being able to make rent.

        You are wrong on all counts!

      • Jared Field says:

        It takes an awful lot of words to get you out of your lies, and still not enough. The stats are always wrong; stats don’t matter unless they help your cause; it’s always someone else’s fault (i.e. the coach didn’t play him enough); and now it’s hard to play basketball and study for accounting? That’s hilarious. For a so-called “play the right way” basketball purist, you sure do make a lot of excuses. (So the staff-reported stats regarding Barry are wrong at both of the schools he attended? He was so talented that they mixed him up with a guy who obviously wasn’t very good.)

        No one associated with this site has a degree in journalism, though all three have master’s degrees.

        Again, I feel sorry for Barry. You are making a fool out of him. I’m sure he’s a decent guy and I know he’s a decent basketball player, but because he’s from Downriver you just can’t leave well enough alone. I’m sure you had an excuse in high school for why he wasn’t all state as well. It’s sad, man. Really, really sad.

  4. Ty says:

    See what I mean, people? Retard that sit infront of his computer in his underoos all day typing disrespectful post! Total loser!

    • PJR says:

      Obviously your another of those goofy forum stalkers being a goofball ignoring facst and making stuff up trying to make something out of nothing. What’s the point of fellas like you?

  5. Kelly Fields says:

    Sadly, both of you men miss the biggest point. This is a site where THOUSANDS of young men read posts every day. Take the opportunity to show how young men to handle conflict. Frankly, many of our young men are in desperate need for some examples and both of you could contribute if you could cut the through the testosterone.

    I teach in an urban setting and have THREE classes where ALL of my students have either lost a loved one to violence, have a GUARDIAN in prison or themselves are part of the system.

    We desperately need young men, like Sims, who grind it out and do better. Grind it out, young men! Grind it out! There ain’t no place for hate here, brothers. Be part of the solution and stop contributing to the problem.

    • Marcellus Miller says:

      Timely post Kelly. This story is a beacon to all those young men who believe they have an “exuse” to achieve little because of their circumstances. I also agree that much of the debate on the last couple posts was/is childish at best. To all the opinionated people on here, especially men, get out and volunteer to mentor/coach some kids. Then these opinions will mean so much more.

    • PJR says:

      Beg to differ Kelly. You’ve basically just reworded my original post. Congratulated Sims on overcoming adversity, hoped he hooked up with an NBA team, and then used his experiences and became an ambassador for youth with the NBA. Now how that gets turned into a negative is not my fault.

  6. P. Hayes says:

    Just tossing this out there: the Oglesby thread has 56 total comments, with more than 50 percent of them coming from one individual. I agree with Kelly Fields. There’s no need for the attacks, no need to reply to every single comment and sometimes even throwing in replies to your own replies as if you’re having a massive debate with yourself, let alone the rest of the board.

    In my experience, people who tend to monopolize the conversation (and I think having more than half the comments on a big thread qualifies as monopolizing) generally do so because they have the weakest points, hence the need to scream the loudest.

    Sometimes, silence is golden. Just sayin.

    • PJR says:

      Patrick Hayes meet mirror. Just saying when you post totally wrong facts then expect a correction, just sayin’! Even here the replies are just more attacks by you and Ty and so on and so forth over a post that was positive in every sense!

  7. Kelly Fields says:

    Hello? This young man just achieved a monumental milestone. Let’s focus on that and leave it at that.

    As a matter of fact, let’s start over. Go back and read the article.

    Let’s celebrate Sims. Nuff said!

    • muthguy1 says:

      I agree, let’s celebrate Sims. He’s graduating and has a fall-back if the NBA does not work out.

      He is a totally inspirational story. (And I’m one who had occasionally been critical of his basketball, although not severely.)

      I never realized everything that he had to overcome, just to get a college degree, much less doing it while playing college level varsity basketball!!

    • PJR says:

      Hello! That’s exactly what I did! Celebrated Sims achievements. For the record, you need to be addressing your admonishments to others on this forum, including others named Field!

      • P. Hayes says:

        Is this your site? You’re running this town like you are in charge of GLH or something. You, and all of us commenters, are guests here.

      • PJR says:

        P Hayes: That’s what I’m doing, commenting. Apparently you are under the false notion that being the head of a site allows for anything put in print, even the obviously wrong, to be allowed to go uncontested. Lesson for a young naive journalist like yourself, you put in print that JuCo players shouldn’t expect to get recruited until their team makes it to the Nationals a couple years, and you will get the appropriate correction, which the bottom shelf Jackson CC Minnerath to D1 UoD example did! That’s just the way it is! Make sure you can support what you write with real FACTS, not hype or what you want it to be!

      • P. Hayes says:

        You’re not commenting. You’re monopolizing the conversation, on two threads now instead of just one. It’s not a debate or back-and-forth with you because every view that’s contrary to you is a lie, according to you. “The stats are lying! The writers of this site are ignorant! College scouts/recruiters are lazy! Why can’t anyone see these truths but me?!”

        The truth is, you distort the arguments of others, you insist on having the last word (or last thousand words) and you insist that anything that doesn’t jibe with your view of things is an out and out lie and everyone else is uneducated, naive and stupid for not being in lockstep with how you see things. It’s a debate tactic of the ignorant. Yell the loudest = winning the debate. Unfortunately, these threads have done nothing to further whatever point it is that you’ve wasted about 5,000 words trying clumsily (and, let’s be honest, the fanatical way you go about stumping for these players gives the impression that you are kind of a crazy person) to make here.

        And yeah, GLH’s writers and other writers should always be open to hearing feedback and criticisms, which comments sections are great for. But you’re not doing that. You’re not posting arguments, you’re here to be disrespectful, you’re here to start ridiculous arguments, and you’ve succeeded. In all honesty, Jared’s been very patient with you. There’s a word for people who do what you do on the internet: troll. And usually, trolls get banned from sites because, frankly, they are obnoxious and annoying, but I suspect you’ve probably been banned from a site or two in your day, so I’m sure you’re aware of the protocol. And if you’re not aware, you’re welcome for the explanation as to why you constantly get asked to leave internet communities.

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