‘Big Twin’ to Delta: Pioneers lands another Saginaw product

Posted: May 12, 2010 by Jared Field in College, High School

If his first two commitments are any indication, Lonnie Griffin is attempting to do something his predecessors haven’t been able to do: Keep Saginaw kids in Saginaw.

After landing Heritage’s talented point guard AJ Thomas, the first-year head coach has received a commitment from Kwincey “Big Twin” Tucker of Saginaw Arthur Hill. Tucker, a bouncy 6-5 forward, showed flashes of potential as a senior, and is at least physically prepared to compete at the JUCO level.

In recent years, we’ve seen quality Saginaw players leave the area to attend junior college: Bobby Lewis, Jimmy Davis, Daniel west, Vonn Jones, Deonte Wesley, Antione Lundy, Torian Oglesby, Tyree “Juice” Wooten, etc. Maybe all that will change.

  1. jblack says:

    Congratulations to Twin!!! Delta College is getting a late bloomer who is a very athletic player. He is the 3rd player from Arthur Hill to commit…any news from the Saginaw High program?

  2. Pulley says:

    Perhaps, thanks in part to your coverage of Mott basketball?

  3. muthguy1 says:

    With all these good players enrolling, is Delta expected to be a strong team next year? (As I’ve followed this site a few years, I seldom see them mentioned, so I’m guessing they have not be strong in the recent past.)

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