Mott Community College Bruin Club All-Star Game coming June 25

Posted: June 16, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

FLINT, Michigan — The annual Bruin Club All-Star Game has been scheduled for 6 p.m.  Friday, June 25, at the Steve Schmidt Gymnasium on the campus of Mott Community College in Flint.

Mott head coach Steve Schmidt hopes the game, exclusive to seniors,  will continue to attract basketball fans from across Genesee County.

“The Bruin Club classic game is set up for the Flint area graduating seniors to have a competitive game and good experience,” Schmidt said. ” We are approaching our 20th year with this All Star game which is quite an accomplishment.  We’ve had some great players participate over the years.”

This year’s game pits city players against the suburbs. Most of the players involved in this year’s event will move on to play basketball in college. A few, like Grand Blanc guard  Marcus Tucker,  have yet to sign on with a college. Tucker is one of the top remaining unsigned guard prospects in the state.

If you are on one of these rosters, please RSVP to Jared Field at or by text message to 810-241-8362. There are no practices, but players are expected to arrive early.

City All-Stars

G Josh Young 5’10” Flint Southwestern (Confirmed)

G Darryl Dixon 5’11” Flint Hamady (Confirmed)

G Roy Jackson 6’2’’ Flint Hamady (Confirmed)

G Glenn Cosey 6’0” Flint C-A (Confirmed)

G Jojuan Graham 6’2” Flint Southwestern (Confirmed)

G Chuck McLauren 5’10” Flint Southwestern(Confirmed)

G DeMarco Sanders 6’2” Flint Powers (Confirmed)

F Gerald Williams – Taylor 6’4” Flint Northern (Confirmed)

F Jaylen Larry 6’8” Flint C-A (Confirmed)

F D’Marius Houston 6’1” Flint Beecher (Confirmed)

F Travon Mitchell 6’3” Flint Northwestern (Confirmed)

F Darrell Williams 6’7” Flint Northern  (Confirmed)

F Dee Chapman 6’6” Flint C-A (Confirmed)

F Patrick O’Brien 6’4” Flint Powers (Confirmed)

Coach: Mike Williams, Flint Beecher

Suburban All-Stars

G Marcus Tucker 5’10” Grand Blanc (Confirmed)

G William Sams 6’2” Montrose (Confirmed)

G Justin Fowler 5’11” Holly (Confirmed)

G DeAndre Johnson 6’0” New Lothrop (Confirmed)

G Thomas Lovachis 5’11” Holly (Confirmed)

G Cody Campbell 5’10” Swartz Creek (Confirmed)

G Joey Jerisk 5’11” Bentley (Confirmed)

G Andrew Patrick 6’2” Goodrich (Confirmed)

G Anthony Sisson 6’0” Lapeer West (Confirmed)

F Patrick Haggin 6’5” Grand Blanc (Confirmed)

F Zack Treib 6’6” Flushing (Confirmed)

F Thomas Jean 6’6” Genesee (Confirmed)

F Mitchel Vallie 6’5” Goodrich (Confirmed)

F Lucas Sorenson 6’10” Clio (Confirmed)

Coach: Jeremy Trent, Swartz Creek

  1. Skywalker says:

    Powers, C-A and Hamady falling under the City certainly tilts the game in their favor. Should be fun for all though!

    • Jared Field says:

      Difficult breaking this up with so many suburban schools. The city team will be more athletic, but look at all those shooters on the suburban team. Campbell and Haggin are two of the best in Michigan.

  2. Williford says:

    I like both teams, but I think I’ll take the city all-stars in this one.

  3. YUUUP says:

    This is a little bit off topic but it does have to do with some former Flint-area players, and most of the knowledge on this site seems to be leaning more towards players out of the Flint area.

    So I was just wondering if anybody knows anything about where/if DeParris Gordon (who yes I know wasn’t in Flint for his senior season) will be playing in college? Same question about JaJuan Graham, anywhere?

    Also does anybody know what ever happened to guys like Tyrone Ward (SWA) or especically the chosen one, Keenan Coleman? I really did used to be a fan of his, and now it seems like he fell off the face of the Earth!

  4. Flinthooper24 says:

    What about Jaylen Larry….. He’s def to big to pass on for college even a juco?

    • w4real50 says:

      how have these games went in the past? Is it serious competition, or is it the NBA where everyone tries to be flashy

  5. John says:

    I wonder what the lineups will look like

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  7. Hoopsguru says:

    Since whne is Carman-AInsworth in Flint! It is in Flint Township

    • Jared Field says:

      We only have three Flint schools, so we had to split it up. I just took the city schools and the schools closest to the city: Buctown, Powers and C-A.

      Had I done it within the strict parameters of the city, it would be a complete debacle. Major blowout of the city.

  8. fryly1221 says:

    what about GAC and Big 9 against city and metro?

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