Some early summer news and notes

Posted: June 22, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

— Holly, Goodrich and Saginaw Arthur Hill are still alive in the U-D team camp gold bracket. No one would be particularly surprised about Arthur Hill being alive — they’re a perennial powerhouse. As for Goodrich and Holly, both teams have solid cores of talent. Holly has one of the state’s biggest surprises on the AAU circuit, senior-to-be Josh Fugate and Goodrich has one of the better guards in Mid-Michigan in junior-to-be Nathan Landsgaard.

— Fenton, already the favorite to win the Flint Metro League next season, got a boost in the form of a transfer. The word on the street has senior-to-be forward Brent Myers, formerly of Flushing, now with the Tigers. Myers came off the bench in a game against FML champion Swartz Creek and scored 32 points in a 13-point win. Put him with what the Tigers have coming back, including the Hickoff Twins and Eric Mowery, you’re looking another championship-caliber team. Flushing recently lost a summer league game to Swartz Creek, a team that should be rebuilding, without its best player, senior-to-be Logan Hull. Could be a really long season for the Raiders.

— Flint Northwestern will be the best team in the Flint area this season —  that is, if they can find someone to guard JaVontae Hawkins. The 6-3 Flint Powers junior-to-be was giving the Wildcats buckets in a recent 1-point loss to Northwestern. The Chargers very nearly pulled off the upset without their starting point guard, senior-to-be Patrick Lucas-Perry. Even so, Northwestern is loaded with Jaylen Magee, Syro McDonald, Deondre Parks, Dominez Burnett, Willis Arrington, etc.

— WOTS is that Flint Hamady is going to struggle in the GAC Blue for the first time in many years. The Hawks have been destroyed by graduation and attrition with Burnett’s transfer to Northwestern and Quin Langston’s move to Flint Powers.

–The wild card team this upcoming season is Flint Carman-Ainsworth. The Cavs have talent in sophomore-to-be point guard Denzel Watts and juniors to be Anton Wilson and James Conley. Will it be another season of underachievement for the Cavs?

  1. Marcellus Miller says:

    C/A has nothing else…they looked bad against a Hull-less Creek while I was watching. Conley sat pretty much the entire first half and rumors still abound that Watts is gone. We shall see…oh yeah fenton got drilled by a team with 3 8th graders…

  2. Marcellus Miller says:

    Oh yeah, and NW is loaded!

  3. Marcus says:

    I think Goodrich will finally lose a league game this yr!!!Either from beecher or Lakeville..just gettin news in now that Romel Morgan will stayy due to looks…and Beecher’s Monte Morris’s underclassman all-star talent! Goodrich lost alot! Especially now it hurts when Dnez is goin to NW

    • Skywalker says:

      Come on Marcus… Beecher will be a lot to handle, but Lakeville? Goodrich is returning 3 starters and had a 1 loss JV team. Goodrich and Lakeville are opposite ends of the spectrum as it relates to BBall programs.

  4. Gavin Raath says:

    Goodrich and Beecher will still be the teams to beat. Goodrich does not return three starters unless you count Trevor Lucus, who didn’t start from what I saw. Carter Goetz and Landsgaard did and should be fantastic, and Lucus has really improved over the travel season. Expect a lot from Patrick Season too.

    Beecher returns Burks, Morris, bouncy Chappell, Holmes, Cooper and Robinson. That will be enough to allow them to way better than last season.

    Lakeville will be better than people think over the next couple of years, but I’m not sure if they will beat Montrose or Lake Fenton.

    Is Archie still coaching Hamady? If so, then Hamady should still win the Blue. I think Atherton could get better if 6’7″ Fred Perkins continues to improve.

    Carman had a really talented JV team last year. Lots of 6’3ish athletes. This team could look more like a Mattar one.

  5. Marcellus Miller says:

    Hamady will be in trouble without its top 4 players from last year. I hope the 7 kids they had in the summer league game (really 6 because 1 actually will be attending C/A) are not all they have in the cupboard. Same for Carman

  6. Spencer Blue says:

    I think that it is Powers that needs to work on their defense seeing that they were ahead in the last 5 minutes of the game and allowed Parks to heat up and torch them with 5 3 pointers. Hawkins had the ball in his hand to win the game and heroics got the best of him and he threw up a bs shot when other people on the team were open. Hawkins is still trying to prove that he is better than Anton Wilson, who is ranked higher than him in their class.

  7. Marcus says:

    Lol hamadyy??nooooooo!they will not be that good nxt year…Lol and trust me I was recently at a summer game today,, and Lakeville You can say beat Holly,,when that only had 2 seniors and a bunch of freshman!!….When holly was stacked,,,not to mention Romel Morgan Dropped 30 on Holly hiself!..Trust me,when this team gets there boys back in the season,,Lakeville will be up there…Goodrich has Lucas,who barely played,,Goetz,who is improved somewhat,,and laansgaard,,who is the best on that team..that wont be enough though,,watch what I tell you…

    AndGavin,, Montrose really,,, I guarantee you Lakeville beats them by 15+,,they’re team should’ve been called the Montrose “SAMS”…And as for Lake Fenton,,,one word:”GARBAGE”especially after losing parker Scott….Lakeville has 9 seniors returning,,all led by believe they’ll be up there

  8. Marcus says:

    Are you seriouss??I guarantee you they will lose too Beecher or someone….lol whyyy the hell you they they were tryin to get burnett???newsflash,,they wont be the same buddy

    • Coach RG says:

      idk maybe if they got Burnett they would prolly be a top 3 class b team in the state (still at least top 10 without him)….who wouldn’t want burnett? really…good arguement…

  9. lmao says:

    so who is the team to beat and why????????

  10. Marcus says:

    Im gone have too sayy beecher honestly cause them underclassman developin too quickk man trust me

    • lmao says:

      i was thinking NW they return 4 starter and they add burnett…

      • Spencer Blue says:

        Wouldn’t that be nice! He has a great relationship with Magee and Parks. He is the gym teacher at NW and is always mentoring.

  11. 24 says:

    Question too all of yall do yall really think this so call amazing northwestern team will win a state championship

  12. HollyHoops says:

    Lakeville didn’t beat Holly. Nor did they basically beat Holly. It is summer ball, coaches play 15 deep, and Holly still won. How could Holly possible take that game seriously.

    • Marcus says:

      Loll how could they take that game serious..yah the coach didn’t even go 7 deep buddy…..loll the guy was about to have a heart atack yelling because he knowws they were gonna lose..the players etc,,everyone @ holly were frustrated…and yes you can sayy lakeville basically won..knowing they played mostly sophmores.and went even deeper w/an 8th grader…not too mention they took morgan’s 3 awayy..holly was flatout dirtyy,,elbowing and what not,,,lol all knowing they were gonna lose too some little gac teamm..that jus shows how garbage holly is..and yaa they were taking that gane serious..get the hell outta here..they couldn’t stopp morgann…

      • Skywalker says:

        Marcus… to be honest your looking like a Lions fan excited about going 4-0 in preseason…. Lakeville is still Lakeville until they start winning. Hopefully your excitement doesn’t turn to frustration after the REAL season starts…. just like what happens to a Lions fan year in and year out!

  13. HollyHoops says:

    I want a pair of your rose colored glasses.

  14. geeze says:

    Goodrich will win the red and keep the streak going at like 47 games i think it is right now, they have too much talent returning and the red minus beecher was a joke last year even though they shot 20% and beat beecher in their place then beat beecher at goodrich by 25-30. Hate to say it but goodrich is too good and really has the team to beat again

  15. LOL says:

    Who will be the top 10 teams in flint area coming into next season?

    • Jared Field says:

      Flint NW is the odds-on number one, but I’d put Flint Powers as a close second. Carman-Ainsworth will be pretty nice with Wilson and Watts. Flint Northern is always a wild card. I think both Fenton and Holly will be really tough in the FML.

      I could see this season being the worst for the GAC Blue in a very long time.

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